Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's Too Late to Close the Barn Door

.....the horse has already escaped!
That's what I thought about this morning after I took my shower and was putting on my lotion. I finally noticed that this lotion claims to have anti-aging properties. Who could tell? I examined another product that promotes itself as Age Defying...promising to reduce fine lines, to rejuvenate tired skin. I realized why these wonderful products have no relevance or use in my personal skin care regime. It's too darned late! You can't prevent what's already happened.
That led me to the greatest epiphany I've experienced in a long time...The understanding finally, as to why I never developed much more than a weeny set of breasts. I'll let you in on my discovery: It's because I never had a training bra! If you don't train something, how can you ever expect it to grow and bloom, or to reach its full potential. It was a forehead slapping moment of discovery! And that's why I say it's too late to close the barn door!


Jody said...

You are a hoot! I have had all the same revelations except the concept of the training bra.
But I'm sure you are correct. Mom wouldn't let me have one, said I didn't need it. Boy was she wrong!!

Amy said...

Ellen, you might be right...however, I have been in a training bra for 24 years now! When does the training stop?! Thanks about the redwork, I use 3 strands of floss. Some prefer 2 strands but I like a bolder look. (I would use 2 strands if my design was small and detailed:)

Unknown said...

Ellen, How you have made me laugh! What a funny Gal you are.... As for the training bar. I wore one, so that must be why I now have wear a size double D cup bra? LOL..Now I wished I had not bothered. But then again it may also be from having 3 children. As for the anti aging cream. I will very soon be 59 and I proudly wear my lines and wrinkles I have earned them.
Thanks so very much for the web site. I went in and checked it out. How very touching is was :-} ~Mary~

Brenda Williams said...


You are what we (Appalachians) call a "character". I would dearly love to live next door to you. I can imagine sharing a cup of coffee or tea and a bit of laughter and gossip with you on the front porch of a lazy afternoon. Your blog is one of the first sites I check after I listen for "you've got mail". Thanks so much for the book. It has tons of new info in it about plants that I had not thought of trying and the section on experimenting with plants should prove to be interesting reading; maybe even a lesson there. Thanks again.