Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When I Was Recovering

I played with leaves.
I did not do much, but the leaves
and the colors sustained me.
They helped me heal.

Mother Nature works wonders.
We need only to look.
Truly look.

Love to all, Ellen.
oh, and p.s.
I became Garter Stitch Gertie.
Put me on heavy duty meds
and I can garter my way into oblivion.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Blue Plate Special

Chicken a l'Orange.
Isn't she cute and so sassy?
Have a wonderful week everyone.
Love to all, Ellen.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Dear Friends,
I wish you health, love, peace
and comfort.
May your Joys be doubled,
and may Sorrows pass you by.

I want to thank all of you
for your loving messages
and encouragement.
I am fine, just way behind!

We had a lovely Christmas.
The house was filled with
family and friends and good food.
I'll bet none of you
had the excitement that we had.
I use the word "excitement"
with tongue in cheek.
Of all days,
the septic tank and plumbing
decided to back up and go on holiday.
We do strive for entertainment here.
Fortunately, the Lovely Pump Man
came right out.
Mr. L. is a bent over 80+ gentleman
who made the trek in the dark,
on Christmas Eve to save us all.

I have missed being here
and hope to be back in full force soon.
I leave you with some collages
of images from 2012,
and with such gratitude to you all
for your presence in my life.

Love to all, Ellen.