Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Curious Find

This little "Find", as I call it, occurred just a few minutes ago. This will not make blogging history, nor will it be noted by any as interesting, intriguing, or noteworthy. But I am filled with curiosity, laughter and a sense of wonder. Wonder as in, "I wonder where this little snippet came from?"
I just opened up one of my favorite books and there inside the front cover was a little note I'd scribbled. The note includes a rude drawing of a mouse. The note says, and I quote, "bowling with peas, stealing from the larder". That's it..totally.
I have even googled the words and haven't come up with anything. I just love that phrase so much...it provides me with such amusement and I can see that mouse so clearly in my head. I can hear those little peas hitting the pins!
I know, I ride the little yellow bus, I have Velcro fasteners on my shoes because tying a bow is above me. "Small things amuse small minds." You may all call me Simple. I don't mind. These little discoveries bring me glee!
I'm off to find my high performance shoes, the Brunswick peas and my team shirt. I'll be lobbing those peas in the larder tonight and having a heck of a time!


ChickenBetty said...

Could be an idea for a great kids book! "Pantry Sports for the Average Mouse"

marylou said...

Hi Ellen,
I am happy to jump on the "little yellow bus" with ya as I would feel right at home!! Again, another FUN blog. It is always such a joy to read your messages. I do believe we have the same dry wit! HAH..ya think??
Hug Life, Marylou