Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summertime....Family Gatherings...

Here is my mother's family gathered on the front steps in Hawaii where they all lived. I really don't know if this was taken in the summer, but it does remind me of family get togethers that so often occur during this time of year.

Not many smiley faces here, but I think that not many people smiled in the photographs of years ago. I know they were a fairly happy lot, albeit somewhat serious about life, religion and the rules of society in the early 1900's.

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I love how all of the little girls in the front row have all brought their dollies. My darling mother is right there down front, the one on the left next to the cutie with the little white hat. The boy on the far right looks as if he has had it with all of this nonsense. (click on the pic. for a better view) It's either that, or he had just received quite a scolding from one of his formidable aunties.

Wherever this summer takes you, I hope it is filled with family, fun and love. Just remember to "Say Cheese" when that camera goes click!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dear Person Who Is Missing In Action.....

.....right now. I only tease, because I am happy and supportive of your being away with one of our sons. You are gone to watch young men hit a ball around and to watch those same young men run between small squares called bases. I love that you are able to do this and that you are given this gift of time with someone whom we both love and treasure.

I also love and appreciate how you call me each day when we are apart to tell me what joy and pleasure you are experiencing.

We have actually realized that today is our anniversary. Normally we forget about it every year. 1965 is a long time away, isn't it? To say that it has gone by in a flash is almost an understatement. A few blinks of our eyes and, "Whoa, it's 43 years later!"

Here we were in 1965...black and white on our wedding day. We were "both black and white" then, believing that we had it all figured out. Low and behold, how ignorant we were.

Do you remember when we were so poor and you had to go to a workshop and we had only one tube of toothpaste? You took that little tube and squeezed out a noodle of paste on a plate so that I could brush my teeth when you were gone......
remember helping me to shave my legs when I was the size of a beluga whale with our first baby?.......
remember when we had $50.00 a month to spend on groceries?
So many memories!

And here we were several years ago in Living Color!
We have had our losses; both sets of parents gone by the time we were 32, aunts and uncles gone and the incomprehensible loss of a grandchild.

But here we are still together! We have managed through the years to weave the threads of our life together, each of us bearing separate colors and weights to make a whole cloth of beauty and wonder.

And, "Look, look, see, see!"..we did actually have defined chin lines once. We truly had a "bloom of youth"! Now we are gently muddling into the puddle of old age, but by God, we are splashing in that puddle together.

I love you.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Trying to do a new entry, I deleted my last one about Father's Day and can't retrieve it..I don't know how. Oh, NutsX1,000...I was also trying to do a new post, which I hope will be done by tomorrow.
Any Bloggers (on blogger.com) know how to retrieve a deleted blog out there? Any person know HOW TO POST PHOTOS in order and SEPARATED from narrative or writing? I have no clue. Sometimes it works, but most of the time I HAVE NO CLUE and it doesn't work...but then, I am a dinosaur when it comes to tech stuff. Oh, phew. Not to mention that my exclamation mark is not working and that really torques me off, because...I really like to use it in these dramatic times. What in heaven's name would cause your exclamation mark not to work....see??? I just typed in 4 of those little upright silly things and you could not see them. (I wanted another one there.)

I am going to find my baby pillow, get my jammies on and be thoroughly sulkish. If it were colder I would make some hot chocolate and really have a good funk on my own.
Good Night to all and a happy Wednesday.

Best (at my worst) e.