Monday, April 28, 2008

Blog Brakes...

Apparently, a full set has been applied to this blog by my subconscious. While I've had lots to say, I seem to lack the energy and impetus at this time.
I am relieved to note that there is a "return spring" and it won't be long that these are in use.
The "hub" will keep me centered, the "lining" and "pads" will keep me comforted and the "shoes" will lead me back on the path. (I have no idea about the "stud". We'll leave it at that)

I have been crocheting; working on my granny squares. I've made about 35 and by my calculations, that's hardly enough to cover a cat. I've also been practicing with needle and thread to master hand quilting. That may have to come in another life. I am having difficultly using my thimble. I may just have to let that little beauty go, and instead, stab myself repeatedly in my efforts.

Last week we had really big winds and during the night, one of our oaks crashed. I was awakened by a blinding light and horrendous noise. I thought that we were in the midst of a thunder storm. The poor old tree, weakened by the wind and winter had fallen and hit the power pole. It splintered the pole, destroyed the transformer and took all of the power out.
I am fine without power. We can stay warm the way we always do with the wood stove. I can cook on it and I do have water stored for emergencies. I have candles always and a flashlight. I can pull out my little aluminum percolator for coffee, although grinding the beans was a challenge. An empty beer bottle rolled over the beans worked pretty well. I do balk at no showers and NO toilet flushing. Having a well does impede certain amenities.

I doubt that I will be gone for too long and I will continue to check on blogs that I love and to find more. It's just a break with the "brakes" and from what I read, it happens to all. For those who do visit me and leave comments, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You brighten my day, make me feel connected and inspire me. Thank you.

Best and hoping your spring is there in all her glory.

Monday, April 21, 2008

For Crying Out Loud.....!!!!!

This is what greeted us on April 19th and again on April 20th. WE live in the Pacific Northwest, not the North Pole. What is happening?

Snow this late is unheard of...that is, until now.

It was fortunately very dry and light. Snow is always tough on the greenhouses and I am sad that my blossoming cherry may not produce this summer. We'll see.

I am very grateful that we did not start our vegetable garden!

Besides the snow, we were greeted with hail the size of pregnant peas, rain and flannel gray skies.

The weather report promised "episodes" of sun today. I have yet to enjoy that, but at least it is...
not snowing.

I love the poetic turn, "episodes of sun". I am always fascinated by the opposing statements of "partly sunny" and "partly cloudy". Is that akin to the "glass half full" and the "glass half empty"? I am eagerly awaiting the sun episodes and hope that these will soon turn into "Extended Visits", "Homeric Epics" and a "Long Running, Sold Out Solar Production of Mammoth Proportions".

Monday, April 14, 2008

Plum Nelly... where this little rocker came from. It's old and worn and wears the battle scars from a budding carpenter who once applied the teeth of a saw to one of the arms.
We lived in Georgia for ten years when my husband taught at Georgia State University.
One of the things that we loved to do back then, was to go to craft fairs in little out of the way places.
Way up in north Georgia was one of my favorite places...Plum Nelly. According to what I heard, this tiny hamlet was so named because it was "Plum outta Tennessee and nelly outta Georgia."

We bought this rocker for our youngest son. I found a beautiful handwoven egg basket which I still have. It holds some of my yarn and a project or two. Both of these objects are so special to me. They contain the memories of two little boys who filled my life with joy....and at the same time, they are from an era that was one of my most painful, a time that was so difficult; and too, a time and a place where I grew so much and learned to appreciate "me". It was a hard time, but it was a good time for growing and learning. I am grateful for that. Isn't it amazing how small objects can contain such memories and gifts?

Plum Nelly is not too far from Rising Fawn, another name that I absolutely adore. Plum Nelly and Rising Fawn are also close to Gass.

Well, that does put a damper on poetic names of tiny places, doesn't it?

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Got Mail!!

I picked this box up at the post office yesterday.

The box measures 12"x7" and it's 5" deep.

Can you guess what came in that box?

...yards of fabric? No.
...40 spools of thread? No. itty bitty sewing machine? No.
..35 patterns, a new pair of scissors, a measuring tape, a rotary cutter and some interfacing? No.

This box contained my brand new, teeny-tiny leather thimble!
Do you think the company has gone green yet? I calculate that it took 1/8 of a small tree to make this box and all for a thimble!

I am, however, absolutely thrilled to have it! My husband was chuckling at me as I was dancing around the kitchen with my thimble on my finger.
I asked him what was so funny and he just said, "I love it when you get so excited about such small things."
(Small things amuse small minds, I guess.) I am excited to have this lovely thimble and I have ordered two hoops. I am determined that one of these days I am going to learn to do a little hand quilting.
My only concern is that my car will not be big enough to hold the box that my new hoops will come in.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Care To Go For A Walk With Me?

Here's one of my favorite maples. She beautiful in all seasons.

........And here, some very tender infants, creating their own patchwork of beauty. They will grow by leaps and bounds as the weather warms up. They love the heat and sunshine which is just around the corner.

Don't be frightened, this old beauty just looks scary. She's endured for years and carries many battle scars.

Here we go, tip-toe, tip-toe through these lovely little weeds,

and amble past the mossy elbows of the grapes,'s some woodland sweetness,

.......trip-trap, trip-trap, watch out for the Trolls,

.......I think there's a dryer path than this,

......saying hi to the little pine,

Back at home, we made the rounds, though there is so much else to see. Perhaps you will join me some other day for a walk. Thanks for coming.


Monday, April 7, 2008


.......I can't find my hope, when I feel helpless, when I am afraid for us all, when darkness descendes in cruelty, in want, in war, in evil, in endless destruction: I sometimes turn to these small books.
They grant me a little brightness. They feed my need for belief that there are people on this earth who live a life of goodness, caring and simple respect.

I know that this is fiction..I know that these people are not real; but I do know that people like these people do exist in this world.

A good life is in the little things. Little things all add up to take care of the Big Stuff.

Caring about others in small ways, being accepting of our differences, being respectful and taking the time to acknowledge our common needs and strengths...old fashioned politeness.

Yes, simple...maybe too simple for many people, but I find tremendous power is in the simple things.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bird Antics In My Neck Of The Woods...

Every day for the last week and a half, a little guy like this has been pounding out staccato messages behind our house. He's there at least twice a day and is nothing but persistent and obsessive in his determination.
One would expect him to be hunting for grubs in the fir tree, but he is not.
There is a tall metal ladder leaning up against that tree and he spends part of his morning and a portion of his afternoon, beating out a loud metallic tattoo on the ladder.
After consulting my tried and true guide; Understanding the Language and Communication Styles of Birds of the Pacific Northwest, I have come to the realization that he is hammering out a message in Morse Code. I now have the translation of that message and I would like to share it with you.

It goes as follows: S/M, young, clean cut, fun-loving, hard working. Lives in country. Enjoys the outdoors and nature. ISO sensitive companion, possible LTR as nestmate.
No D/D/S. Please respond, ASAP. Photo not necessary.

He gives a broader meaning to the term Numb Skull.