Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Country Visitors

Early morning, just outside our kitchen/dining room area, (I use the term dining room loosely as it is separated from the kitchen
by the cooking island.) I had the pleasure to be
a fellow participant in greeting a spanking new day.
The large black blob you can see by the fence and near the turkeys is one of our Newfoundland dogs.
She checked the turkeys out and decided that they were safe
and proceeded to take a nap. They also seemed unperturbed by her.
Oh happy conviviality.
The darling chipmunk on top of the roof comes and goes.
She, or he, lives in our woodshed and gives me a ridiculous 
amount of pleasure. The butterfly was such a gift as
we have very few of them least I seldom see them.
Such a wonderful way to start the day.
Hoping everyone of you is well and enjoying a stellar week.
Summer has come in with a bang this week with temps up to
90+ degrees. It is cooler the 80's and I am eternally
grateful that is always cools off at night and we 
virtually have no humidity.
Silage is being made, ox-eye daisies are blanketing everything.
The morning light is delicious.
Wishing all a lovely rest of the week.
With love, Ellen.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just Two

 Wing from a dead insect in the front window...
If you prefer something of a lighter nature,
I will leave you with a cheerful buttercup.

Truth be told, I love both of them, especially the
close up of the wing, though it's not the best of shots.
Hoping you are having a good weekend.
Best to all, Ellen.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Down Across Our Bridge

These photos were taken several weeks ago
when the sun shone with that lovely light that May brings us.

Wild Iris..every spring, it makes my heart glad. sunny, so bright and fills the valleys with sunshine.

Loved creek that in winter roars and where I can see
the precious otters playing and sometimes the statue
of a heron waiting and waiting...a stone image
of patience and such beauty.
Ducks too and determined beavers..a soup of Mother Nature in all of her glory.

Wild lupines on the other side...

The humble wild rose...asks for nothing other than to be here.
And last, but not least the glory of this tree.
Oh, how I love this wise old tree...

A giant, an old soul who's branches have 
held true through time after time.

If trees could tell stories, surely this old man would..
from the times of traders and trappers, he truly would.
Today the sun shone and in the late afternoon
and early evening I have watched flotillas 
of powder puff clouds slowly drifting in a sky
of blue..such a sweet blue..a lovely blue.

May love and goodness come to all
who visit here.
With love, Ellen.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Basket Beauty

The last of course is not a flower basket,
but a nest is as good as any basket.
My son found this is our nursery in one of the greenhouses.
Fingers crossed these wee souls with be safe from the crows.
I've been going to physical therapy twice a week now
for a torn shoulder muscle and tendinitis..tendonitis (sp?)
It's better, but still so hard to deal with at times.
At least I can knit a bit, which was something
I could not manage for some months.
Our weather has been far from happy lately...
galvanized steel gray and a sky at times
so low, I swear I could brush my fingers across it.
The wood burner is still in use. I know this won't
last forever, but I am finding it hard to be patient.
Wishing all a wonderful weekend.
With love, Ellen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fragile and Fleeting

....and then I watched as the wind took them...
beautiful tiny umbrella like, they spun away.
Love, Ellen.

Monday, April 20, 2015


In the late Autumn She discards her robes. She clearly becomes tired. Slowly her modesty drops. That which She hid is revealed, drop by drop, encouraged by the rain, the wind, and the cold. No longer does the sun warm her. The clock of her days slows down minute by minute. Sleep overcomes her for months. Quiet and rest fill her. Her lovely bones are revealed, elbows, knees and shoulders of nuance. The strength and beauty of her inner self astounds me.

Come Spring, come the sun, come the warmth...she slowly wakes up and like the modest woman she is, she seemingly overnight clothes herself in all of her glory. Neither wind nor Spring rain will reveal the loveliness of her curves, her bones, nor her feminine strength. Shy through the Spring, private through the Summer, She remains the one who lights up my world from my kitchen window.

I love her beauty through all of the seasons and give her thanks.

With love, Ellen.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Our sons were here. Our two grandsons were here as well as our granddaughter. Some mended fences in the pasture, one drove the tractor and spread fertilizer, someone welded and repaired the trailers used to haul our plants around the nursery, and one little girl checked on the chickens and brought the eggs in. It is always joyful to be together. At noon the seven of us sat down to eat lunch.
Good times shared.
Late in the afternoon some drifted in. The two grandsons who are brothers, gravitated to the front room to do what they like best.
One to play some violent game on my computer and the other to play the piano. Like our sons, they are polar opposites, but also like our two boys, they share the same core values and an abiding love of one another. As Seth demolished aliens on the screen, Andrew fingered Jerome Kern on the piano. (The irony of this did not escape me.) I cried quietly while cutting carrots in the kitchen.. for the beauty of Kern's melodies and the beauty that fills my life with these men and that one darling girl who all enrich my life.
Andrew and Jerome K.

Samantha and our foreman's daughter who fashioned tissue paper outfits for their dolls.
And Seth the monster slayer.
When every one was gone and the house was quiet, I went down to put more wood in the stove only to confront the sight of this. Nothing surprises me any more after all these years of living at this farm/nursery. It did rain most of the day, and apparently someone was worried that the drill with the 26" bit needed drying out.
 Wishing all a good week. (And, yes, this place needs spiffing up)
Love to all, Ellen.