Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chickie News

Here are two of the fast growing babies
I brought home over a week ago.
There are two Wellsummers, two Production Reds,
and two Buckeyes.
They all lay beautiful brown eggs.
Our flock has diminished over the last few years.
Last week a dog traveled across the pastures
and killed two of my beloved hens.
Carmen was the first to go.
She was such a sweetheart and gave us gigantic eggs.
The other chicken lasted a few days...
she was missing lots of feathers,
but seemed as if she would be o.k.
It was not to be.
I know full well that these things do happen,
but I wish I had known the dog was here,
and I wish that I had had a very large baseball bat in hand.
Not all of our remaining hens are still laying.
Old age, I would guess. 
Retirement is allowed after working so hard for us.
I do want you to look at the following shot.
It gives me such giggles.
These mini eggs were produced
several weeks ago...a warm up
perhaps to Spring production.

That little bird nest is less than three inches across.
The blue egg is from Mrs. Charles Dickens.
I don't know which hens popped out the other two.
Too funny!
Three eggs do not an omelet make in this case.
Be well, stay safe.
best, e.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Ahem, this is my second try today.
What's with this "new" blogger?
I wrote a whole post and then lost half of it.
That does not make for a happy camper.
Where in the #%$$ is my dashboard?
Let me try again.
Yesterday was glorious.
Today is equally lovely,
blue, dry and warm.
I have some pictures to share
and hope that you enjoy them.
Fingers and toes crossed.

I am absolutely and absurdly happy
to be back in this place.
New Miss Computer is doing well,
tho she wants to go into
Power Save Mode if I turn my head.
Christine has been banished
to the Time Out Chair,
The Thinking Chair,
The Confessional Chair.
She faces a blank wall.
Now and then I hear a small growl.
"You can't make me", she mutters.
I say, "I know, but beauty is only skin deep,
ugly goes clear to the bone."
It is a joy to be back, 
to be able to read about all that you have been doing.
Wishing all a wonderful week.
best, e.

Monday, April 9, 2012


I am off of here.
The new computer came today.
I have no clue how to do anything to hook it up.
It is not a good plan to move everything onto the new one
from the infected Christine.
I am afraid I will lose "stuff", etc. Especially contacts.
Wish me luck.
I will miss all of you.
Hope to be in touch soon.
A cup of tea is called for now
and a goodnight wish to all
from me.
xoxo, e.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Semi Submerged the Black Hole of Calcutta,
more commonly known as,
"#%!!** Computer.
It is still touch and go here.
My computer, now referred to as
"Christine" (a la Stephen King),
continues to have a sadistic streak
and a mind of its own.
Viruses have been found, 
tricky moves have been made
by my youngest, who is very good
with computers....but still
there are problems.
My husband, sweet man, told me yesterday
that a new one is on its way to me.
I have threatened to take the chain saw
to Christine, to throw her in the creek..
all to no avail.
Let us move on, lest all of this attention
go to her head and she throws 
another curve ball my way.
Our weather has been "interesting".
Wind, rain, fog, hail and snow.
Now and then Mother Nature relents
and parts her pewter drapes to remind me
that, yes, the sun does still exist.
In place of spending time here,
I have been reading my little eyes out.
Good fun.
I have discovered a treasure
in Elizabeth Taylor's books. Not the actress,
but the English writer. (thanks, Ginnie of Becoming)...
re-read Emma...
Northanger Abbey...
first time read on Cranford,
Ruth and Wives and Daughters...
finally read Water for Elephants,
and, Heavens, David Copperfield.
Am just starting The Book of Tea.
And, yes, I am still taking showers, brushing my teeth,
cooking meals and doing laundry.
Thanks to all who left lovely and caring comments
on my last post.
I am hoping that I will be able to catch up
with all of you before the next crash.
I will leave you with unrelated pics. I took the other day.
Peace to all.
Hoping soon to be up and running with a new "machine".

Pictures in the Pitcher

Well, that was fun (NOT!)
Thirteen tries..I am afraid to hit the Publish button.
I can't afford to pull any more of my hair out,
nor take anymore years off of my life.
Miss you.
best to all, e.