Friday, June 15, 2007

Help the Poor Struggler

I'm not doing well. I've used those words twice in the last hour. I forgot what I was supposed to say...I have fallen off the wagon.What a profligate.
I turned on the light. I said it. The Bad Word.
Is there a twelve step program to help me? I took some salad out of the frig. It was no good...too old. I am fading fast. I'll try to soldier on but I think that this is a no win situation. I am a dyed in the wool swearer. Perhaps with the dawn I'll be able to renew my vows. Peace.



marylou said...

Dear Ellen,
Don't fret!! We all "fall off the wagon" now and then...go have a glass of wine:) That will cheer you up! It ALWAYS works for me:)Sometimes in life we simply MUST forge on and I believe you are a very strong, vital forger??? Just made up a word I think:) That's okay, I often do this when my mind goes blank..let's see...what was I talking about???? Blank again...damn!! OOPS...maybe I should reconsider my words of wisdom and support for you...seems I cannot stay focused...look at the sweet bird...hmmmmmmm...egad...Guilty again..focus Marylou....I had better go take a nap and rest my weary brain cell:) Hugs to Life!!
Peace, Marylou

Amy said...

Ellen, you flatter me so...and your comments make my day! I enjoy using my hands to create but you are great with words, clever and witty..I envy that :)