Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Mother's Birthday

She was all
that I wanted to be,
intelligent and loving..
always there
but quite practical
"I am not here
to entertain you,
"The world does not 
revolve around you, Ellen".
She taught me so many
be true to yourself,
know how to be
alone with quiet peace
while giving love to others.
Music, music, music.
She read book after book,
pages of poetry
every night when
she tucked me in bed
with prayers and songs.
She found the surprise
in every day.
I still want 
to be like her
and sometimes
it is hard, as
she left me too early.
But I know that 
I did have her,
and I still see
fluorescent stars 
planted on the ceiling
with her hands
that blessed me.
And, I truly know
that I had much more
than many people have had.
...and I know that this is very disjointed...
well, most of my posts probably are..
forgive and blame it on
some emotional stuff.

best, e.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear July,

Not quite gone
still here
in and out
you have been
with your summer colors
your coat of greens
yellows and orange
and yes 
even lovely gray
a good thing
and yet
I have cursed your
early morning mists
as I have loved your
night's chill
We have yet
to make friends
and clasp our hands
in celebration of summer
I wonder if you
will fulfill your promise
of years gone by
I guess it doesn't matter
I have all of
the Yesterdays
of your loveliness
your goodness
and bounty
and that should be
enough to keep me
through the days
and dark nights to come
We have been good friends
you and I July
it just seems a little
different this year
but then
I am not the same
from year to year
and why should you be
I look out and see
the chartreuse and red
that filters in
through the window 
as we eat
I wonder how 
I can fault you, July
you bring unexpected gifts
and teach me 
that it is a gift to be alive

And, I have your yesterdays
Dear July

best and with love, e.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


with shoe button eyes
exquisite hands
question marked tail
tidy, tiny
Saturday's gift

Filed in my heart
under U
Unexpected Joy
see also F
Filled to the Brim Bursting.

best, e.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

III Prayer

Give me a little less
with every dawn:
colour, a breath of wind,
the perfection of shadows,

till what I find, I find
because  it's there,
gold in the seams of my hands
and the night light, burning.
John Burnside

best, e.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Morning Glories


Fence Lace

best, e.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dilly Dilly

Sheared and Sheaved

Come deep December
when I slide out the drawers,
pull open closet doors,
or spread clean linens
on the bed,
I will remember the sweetness
of this Summer Saturday.

best, e.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Goose Necked


Whorled and Bejeweled

Stickled and Furred

I should have added,
I don't know what small creature
is making a banquet out of our garden.
will need to consider joining
Weight Watchers.
Wishing all a good end
to another week.
How they fly by!

best, e.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Sounds like a lizard or a mini dragon
you would have as a pet...
scaly skin, dry breath
and beady eyes,
count slowly to ten
and the eyes open,
count slowly to ten
and the eyes close..
moving from one place to another,
half a life time away..
your minute is his hour..

Little Lucifer
in his glass enclosed house,
decorated with bleached wood,
sand and a small desert plant.

Nope. Not a lizard,
but a brilliant flower.
best, e.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Still Life

...Group Naps...

best, e.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Fun

..Learning to print on fabric..

I had some leftover fabric paint
from last summer,
and decades old fabric.
These might be coasters.
I used blackberry leaves,
and although I like most of them,
I think that there is just 
a bit more paint on some
than I would like.
It was/is fun,
and I will try it again with other leaves.

And, on the home front today,
I picked some flowers for the table.
Aren't they pretty?
Flowers with mint leaves
on the table..
a feast for the eyes
and the nose.

Regarding the mundane,
I may have to Google
"How to remove slug glue
from a Newfoundland dog's ass."
It could be tricky.
Right now, I need to traipse
off to the garden
and turn the sprinkler off.
I might, just might
play in that water.
After all,
it is above eighty degrees.
The crows are cawing,
and this morning the new rooster
was practicing his morning greeting.
He has many miles to go
before he gets it down.

It's a good day, I think.
Love to all.
best, e.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I Have Learned...

...about blogging.
It has been such a wonderful journey.
I have learned to do things on the computer
I never thought I would be able to do.
There are still so many moves to learn.
I have learned that there are
so many beautiful and wonderful 
people out there.
I have learned that people
reach out and support one another.
I have learned that we all struggle at times.
I have learned that there is such goodness
to be found, such inspiration
and generosity.
(I have learned that my spelling skills
have absolutely degenerated.)
I have learned that I love this space,
this place.
I have "met" women who I hold
so dearly in my heart.
I have learned that I do not have to be
like someone else.
I have learned that, although, I maybe
a good cook,
I am lousy at taking pictures of food.
I have learned for my own self,
that I have a strange little
and engaging mind. (for me, at least).
I love to take photos.
I cannot help making stories.
They may be so silly and dismissive,
but they give me pleasure.

So...today, the messy gardener
went out to the garden..
raised beds, weeds and all.
She picked what was good
and brought it in.
She left the huge and overgrown
collard leaves on the ground.
She turned on the sprinkler.
She came back and saw some of these.

And, she just had to make up
a story in her head.

Late at night
when the moon was so bright,
and the stillness was silent,
and the moon was so golden,
(you remember those nights)
the smallest of the small,
the diminutive little fairies came out.
The Lilliputians drenched themselves in water.
Their children puddled around in the
small droplets...
imagine learning to swim.
The adult (think no larger than a gnat) fairies
staged their own Olympics...
back stroke, breast stroke,
butterfly and diving.
Fireflies danced and sparkled their warm
Tiny fairies in bright colored Speedos
flashed across the water.
Elder wee folk sat on the edge
of the raised beds.
They raised their hands,
clapped and cheered,
lamented and cried when
their favorites came in last.
Smallest of the small
medals were passed out.
Gazanias for the Bronze,
Calendula for the Gold,
and Lamb's Ears for the Silver.
It was a night of magic.
As the Mother Moon robed and slippered heself
in preparation for bed,
the little wee ones tucked themselves up,
happy in the Glory of their night,
and safe in their beds.

Crimson, yellow and green enfolded them 
and kept them safe...
...and the Peepers sang a lullaby,
the wind rocked them gently...
It was a good night.

best, e.