Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Grief...

...and H E Double Toothpicks.
Color me mad as the above.
This damned computer still has
a mind of its own. 
Name her Christine
after one of many crazy
and out of control cars I have had.
I am close to bringing in
the chain saw, the hammers
and the flaming torch.
I have missed everyone.
I give thanks to those who
were so sweet to leave notes.
I am behind the behindest
in reading posts of others.
Thank be to Heaven
for a son who has 
faced the Trojan viruses
with knowledge and persistence. 
Some issues still persist.
I leave with some pictures
I took the other morning
while eating breakfast. 
What a wonder to see reflections
in the silver pitcher.
Me...right side up
and upside down,
mirroring the frustrations
and emotions of a imbecilic
blogger who has lost her place.
(...and p.s. where is the spell checker?)
Ooo, I am in deep trouble here.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Am Alive..

...but nothing is working on my computer.
It is constantly touch and go.
I cannot respond to comments or emails.
I am not even sure that this will post.
Love to all who come here...
hope to be back soon, which may mean
more than a week.
Love to all, e.