Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hello Kitty!
Hello Kitty!
How are things in
Camp Sew Pretty?
I'm so happy with your newness,
And I just adore your jaunty, shiny blueness.

You're a wonder,
Nine pounds under,
And I'm twitching
To get stitching.
You're a tiny, sweet patootie,
Let's get sewing, let's get going, do your duty.

Hello Kitty!
Hello Kitty!
Things are great in
Camp Sew Pretty.
You're so charming and disarming,
I'll just mention one more time now,
Hello Kitty!

with apologies to Allan Sherman



ChickenBetty said...

Where did this wonderousness come from!?! I must have one!!

At 9lbs I could sew on the bus while I'm waiting for the kids to get out of school. Whee!

(psst - its me, Chicken Betty. Your settings will only let me comment using my old Togbean account ;) )

Monica said...

That is a perfectly blue sewing machine! Hello Kitty, so lovely!

Marti said...

Where in the world did you get this??! You must tell. I have a friend who would FALL OVER if I got this for her. She collects all manner of Hello Kitty stuff and I'm forever feeding her habit.