Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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Spring is here even though the nights are still cold, the wood stove is still chugging along. Today felt like snow. I know we will have more rain..hence the "Growing Gills" time of year when I always feel as if I live in an aquarium. Beauty is all around us in the budding trees and the emerging flowers. It is time to start the vegetable garden and this coming year will be the first in a very long time for me to have chickens. I am so excited to get back to that. I also have some blueberries in the ground and they are big enough that we will have some wonderful harvests this year. Hooray for all of the home goodness.
I am also going to say goodbye to this little spot. Growing Gills is going to go gentle into that good night. There is so much to do now and I have not been a good shepherd of this spot lately. I will always be checking in to see how others are doing and keeping in touch. It has been such an adventure for me and I may in the future morph into something else. Who knows?
I do want to thank all who have stopped by and given encouragement and companionship. I appreciate it more that I can say. If you have been a reader who has never commented, I appreciate your readership too.I have been so fortunate to have met such wonderful people through this wee spot. It is a blessing that I do not take for granted or take lightly.
Happy Spring to all and may goodness, peace, comfort and love be yours.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Nothing Ordinary About a Raindrop".....

...Ted Kooser's wonderful words.

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"If you can awaken
inside the familiar
and discover it strange,
you need never leave home."

Amen, my words...well, really his beautiful words, but words that echo my feelings..beauty is in my surroundings, in the little things, in my home, in the smallness of where I live and breathe ...and yes, where I find my meaning.
A whole world contained in a little drop of water; a drop that reflects the sky and holds the awareness of the wonder of a world at home.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Repeat of Some Pictures...

....because they make me feel warm and safe, secure and comforted in an insecure and scary world.
Wishing all a warm and safe and secure week.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Run With Your Scissors....

...find your old calendar that you have loved...
....make fat hearts, long and skinny hearts...cut them in half, limiting yourself ONLY to those heart shapes.....,no cheating...to see what you can create...
...sacrifice some of your beloved artists; Gainsborough, Bonnard, Winslow Homer, Klimt, Vermeer, Rodin, Monet, Blake, Bruegel, Hassam, Cezanne,Botticelli, Goya..on and on...
..keep trying...
..and realize how much fun this was and how exciting to try it again without the so restrictive constraints of half of a heart.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Avoidance Behavior....

......keep your nose in the books,

.....make some of the above,

.....keep those needles clacking, mix up some flour, water, a little yeast and salt, plunge in with both hands. Have a great day while the laundry goes undone, the dog hair continues to sprout from the carpet, and the spiders industriously build their little condominiums on the window sills.

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This is much more enjoyable. The laundry, unmade bed and everything else will still be there waiting. It won't disappear on you. (Drat!)