Thursday, June 7, 2007

Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

I am thinking about abandoning the ship, trying a different "place..home" to blog from. Growing gills and I have had an on again, off again relationship. I am well aware that I know not what I am doing, but as soon as I figure it out and am successful, bang! it doesn't work the next time or the time after. I don't need to continue to bang my head against the screen. This is supposed to be fun, and it is when it works, but so often it doesn't work. I can write, but then can't download a picture, I can download a picture but then can't write, I can post two pictures one day, but not more than one the next. AND nobody wants to hear ranting and raving on a blog about blogging from an old dog.
I do want to continue to do this...I love the writing, I love to respond to so many of you who do such lovely things. I'll keep on keeping on...and if I find a more compatible home, I'll leave a new address (if I can figure out how to do that."giggle", but not really).
I may have to start a "Blogalong for women who are 65, didn't grow up with TV, hardly know how to put a DVD in the player to watch a movie, just got a cell phone, can find anything on the Internet, but, damn, they sure don't know s#*t about blogging!"
I am really not an old witch, not a complainer at all be nature..I guess that I feel this experience has made me seem like one..(well, I have been p*#sed a lot when I've wanted to do stuff).
For any who read this and have responded, thank has been a joy. I am determined to succeed and hope that if you have visited, you will do so again.


ellen said...
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Monica said...

I know blogger can be frustrating and time consuming sometimes,, especially uploading pictures and linking. Please keep posting, I do enjoy reading your blog!
Just in case check this link, it has great articles and postings about 'how-tos' for blogger. I use this site a lot!!