Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Scenes.....

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....it was wonderful with loved ones here. It was special as always to spend time with family. Not everyone could be here and they were missed. Our dinner and celebration is always on Christmas Eve. Some stay, most go home to be tucked up warm and cozy in their own beds for Christmas morning.
I hope that all who stop by here for a visit had a wonderful celebration. I think of all who have lost a loved one recently and know how difficult that is at this time. May you find comfort and solace.
May everyone, no matter who, no matter where in this world of ours, find comfort, joy, love and peace in the New Year. May we learn, all of us, to love and care for people throughout the world...I truly believe we all hope and pray for the same things...Peace, freedom, joy, health, safety, hope and purpose to do the things that are right and loving for all beings.
We are all here together in this beautiful gift that we have been given: Life and Mother Earth. Let us all pledge to take care of one another, our Home of Homes. May we truly begin to be the Family that was meant to be.
Best to all!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Faces I love......

........just look at the dapper guys. I hope they bring a smile to your face. They always cheer me up.

Wishing all a wonderful weekend. I swear I can smell all of the yummy cookies and goodies everyone is baking. Stay warm and dry and contented.
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Little Teeny Tiny Christmas Tree....

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...this could be the smallest, shortest tree we have ever had...but what the hey..I love trees that need a good home, the Charlie Brown trees that just cry for a bit of loving and acceptance. I cheer for the imperfect tree. After all, we do not have many ornaments and what we have either was made by us when we were too poor to rub two pennies together, or they were given to me by loved friends. Who could ask for anything better?
It's the spirit of the tree that matters, the intention of the decorator and the memory of the ornaments...so old, so falling apart and so precious that came from tiny hands so long ago and the caring circle of friends.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Early Evening...Early Winter Sky......

....not today...we may well be having a huge winter storm....wind, rain and snow...these were taken a few days ago....
Here is Mother Nature's Abalone Shell....
.....iridescent mother-of pearl....
.....contradictions and dissociation of the blackness of her needles, her pointed fingers at Her Glory.
Opalescent beauty....
It is not her grandest sky, it is not a Biblical Sky with reds, oranges and flames of wonder.
It was a sky of such gentle beauty, simple loveliness.
A reminder that some beauty can be, and is quiet, gentle and unassuming.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Loving Precious Presence.....

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...left just before Thanksgiving.
She was not mine, but I loved her and I had taken care of her on several occasions.
She belonged to my son, daughter-in-law and my grand daughter. She was energetic, loving, caring, funny and always ready to take care of her family.
Her family misses her. I miss her. There is a huge void in the house.
She is not able to be there to greet her loved ones. She will no longer be able to race around, to be the silly thing and loving being that she was.
She was brought down here to be buried with other loved animals that we have had.
I salute you, Maddie Dog, or Dish as you were sometimes called.

Samantha loved you. You were there before she was born. You kissed her face. You loved her and guarded her. My favorite story is this one about the both of you:

I was up at my son's and daughter-in-law's taking care of Samantha and Maddie. Samantha picked up a picture of her father and Maddie. Sam says to me: "Gamma, I just love my Daddy and Dishy, I just love them so much."
I say, "I know you do Sam. I know you love Daddy and Dishy."
Samantha: "I just love them so much, Gams."
I say, "They love you too, Sam."

Samantha says to me, "Do you know which one is Daddy, Gams?"

Humor in loss ...a dog from the pound who gave her whole being to her family...a loving and wonderful presence...a being who loved and was loved...a gift to a small family..and to me.

Rest in peace, Dishy and know that you were loved. My heart is heavy. I miss you and you really were not even mine.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For My Dear Friend....

This is for my dear friend...who experienced quite an upsetting incident with the family fish...the Plecostomus. (sp?) I am hoping that the fish is well. And I am wondering in all of the financial worries that we all face........who, in the name of the Lord, would buy one of these? Do go and visit Jackie She is an amazing woman, a loving and creative person with a tremendous sense of humor and a fantastic family. I love reading about her creativeness and especially her sons....and click on the pictures so you can really appreciate the (???) of purchasing something like this.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to Normal.....

....it has begun to rain here...it has been so dry and lovely and so abnormally warm for this time of year and in this place.

The wind is picking up, the sound of the rain falling is deafening.

I am loving it now. When I go to bed, I will be pulled into sleep with the water lullaby.

The wood stove is going filling the house with warmth. It is what it should be here and now.

Tomorrow, I may curse the wetness and the leaves that the big dogs bring in after their breakfast, but for now I will give thanks for the comfort of a warm house, the sound of the precious water, clean sheets, a warm feather bed, gentle snoring of those big dogs and the gratefulness of a home that keeps me dry and safe while listening to the autumn adagio of the rain.