Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Color, Glorious Color

These were taken yesterday inside some of our
greenhouses. It was such a windy day
and the leaves wanted to dance
in reckless abandon.
Probably way too many
photos, but it is so hard to cut some out.
I hope that you enjoy.
Is it not pure Magic?
Our huge sweet gums are bursting forth
and all of the oaks are looking quite "Tweedish"
with the green, brown and yellow they are wearing.
Wooly Bears have been traversing everywhere,
and I suspect that they have selected
their winter homes as of today.
Yesterday and today brought frost.
It's all a glory.
best to all, e.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yarntlers and the Gifts of Yesterday...

Yesterday afternoon was just lovely and so I went for a stroll in the woods. (Thank you, Mother Nature)
It's a little known fact that these woods have been inhabited for hundreds of years by the shy and humble Yarntelope. Being timid and wary, Yarntelopes are never sighted, but if one is truly lucky, and in the right place and at the right time, one may find lying amongst the forest undergrowth, a yarntler. Yarntelopes, like deer, shed their yarntlers once a year. We have lived here for 33 years and each time I have walked in our woods, I have searched for a yarntler. I did some research on Yarntelopes and yarntlers through our county's Historical Society and the last known find of a yarntler was January of  1906. You can well imagine my excitement and joy at finding this yarntler underneath the canopy of our forest.                    
  (The antler we have had for years. The yarn was attacked and mauled by my brother's cat when I was visiting him in Hawaii.
I have yet to decide if I can untangle and reclaim this lovely yarn.
Gordian Knot?
The tale of the Yarntelopes feeds my inner "brain gerbils" who 
constantly tell me to be silly.) 
So, let us be serious and enjoy the true beauty that Mother Nature
gave to me.
     Look at that beautiful sky.
It came out, finally, about 2:48 p.m.
Is this proof that my Temper Tantrum Text
to Mother Nature worked?
Who knows, but I am eternally grateful for one
afternoon of blue skies and shadows.
Check out what comes next.
While making the bed (points for me)
I spied this handsome boulder outside the bedroom window.
He obviously has a bespoke tailor.
Just look at that handsome coat
and can you see that fantastic boutonniere in his lapel?
      What magic.
(I think that I will hold onto to my fantasy
of Yarntelopes. I do find them to be
 cozy and lovable creatures..
and who other than
a small herd of Yartelopes
would have erased 3/4 of my original post?
They may be shy, quiet and unassuming,
but I know in my heart
that they have a good sense of humor.)
best to all, e.      

Friday, October 7, 2011

Letter to Mother Nature....

I know, this is not New England, but it is beautiful to me.
Dear Madam,
It has come to my attention that you have been somewhere else and have not been attending to my wishes.
I hope that you realize that I normally bless you, hold you in high regard, and revere your wisdom.
I do, however, have a bone to pick.
You are raining on my parade. Where, in Heaven's name is your lovely sunshine, your glory of this season?
Do you not know that I have not complained once about the gnats that flew around my computer all summer? Or the flies (vilest of the vile) who now inhabit my kitchen every damned day?
Do you not understand that you are erasing my most beloved season? Color, color is what I want. The beauty that you can and do create every Autumn. Oh, how I love you. Please quit the raining.
Please let us have some sunshine. I don't mind the cold, the brisk wind and the fact that the wood stove is now going. I just want some sunshine.
If you have lost your Crayola Custom Pack of 64 Colors, your Glow Explosion Pop and Glow, or your No-Drip Gel Paints, or your Zest For Everything Paints, please let me know. I will be more than happy to jump onto the Internet and get you more supplies.
I love you, however, I remain the recalcitrant, obstreperous old lady who is channeling her 2yr. old self.
Sometimes it is fun to have a hissy fit.
Sometimes I just refuse to get with my best side, my inner goodness, my "go gently and accept person".
I remain (for one day) a naughty and unrepentant person. I reserve the right to stamp my two year old feet for a twinkling of an eye.
Love, e.

and p.s. where are the blooming acorns this year? really, this is just too much!
and p.p.s. don't  you already know that it rains
for months and months and months here?
and yes, please know that this is done with the full knowledge
that some people, some countries do not have enough water, rain,
or the goodness of food, comfort and blessings. It is all done
in fun, and with the hope that it is received in fun....
I fully know how blessed I am.
best, e.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Back Home

I have been back home for a few days,
catching up and feeling so thankful
that I could make the trip,
and that I am here safe and sound.
I took very few pictures with my camera,
but I've stored away lots of good
memories and times with loved ones
so far away.
Above and the ones to follow,
are taken not far from where my brother lives.
Beautiful banyan trees...
how I loved climbing them as a small girl..

...sweetest Episcopal church with its
red doors, built in 1884..

      ...and beautiful sparkly sun
shining through the forest.        
best to all, e.