Monday, April 29, 2013

Drawing To An End...

...their beauty is exquisitely unveiled.

Love to all, Ellen.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Well, P.P.S.

I just checked to see
if this abortive attempt worked
and invented a new word.
I love my new word.
I said, "Damn, this is furitative".

This white one is huge...
I took out my tape measure...
almost 12" across.
The pinkness that showed up
in the light,
delighted me no end.

Beautiful buds...

And, check this one out...
it's a mitten.
I think that Tom Thumb might be in there,
or Thumbelina.
Perhaps they are both in there!

Well, this exercise in blogging
was totally frustrating.
I have no clue what happened
to the spacing,
but before I tear out my hair,
I will sign off
and wish love to you all.
I also lost my title,
but hopefully you get the drift.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Eye of the Beholder

Finding beauty
in the humble seed pod.

These are so magical to me.
I have no idea what plants/trees they came from.
I have had them for years...
bought at a Fall Festival many years ago.
Dusty to be sure,
but I marvel at their patterns,
uniqueness and beauty.
Today Mother Nature has rained,
hailed and darkened our day. 
A bit north she has even shaken out her
skirts of snow.
The wood stove keeps me warm
and adds some cheerfulness
to the day.
Wishing all of you a week
filled with goodness.
With love, Ellen.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh, My.......

Little did I know.
I received a catalog in the mail
the other day.
It is filled with women's work clothes
and a certain item that I find fascinating.
I am thrilled to discover
that I can now order
How is it possible to live
all of these years and not
know that I could be wearing

Above is what my little pea brain imagines.
A tiny flock of Free Range Underwear
of the Hi-Cut Breed,
happily milling around,
unfettered and content.
Does this mean
that all of these many years
I have been wearing Caged Underwear?
If so, that could well be
the seat of many of my problems.
(Snort! Do forgive me.)
Love to all, Ellen.

Monday, April 8, 2013

On Tip Toes

Slowly coming back.
Two mosaics to begin
the process.

I have missed this small spot.
Mostly, I have missed all of you
and I want to thank you with all my heart
for your notes of concern.
I am fine.
We have all been battling various
forms of The Yucky Icks.
Mine morphed into Strep Throat
and a toe curling, debilitating cough.
All I need now is some energy!
Thank you again.
You are all valued beyond compare.
With love, Ellen.