Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Father's Day Remembrance: To Vincent

Born in 1906 on a sugar plantation in Hawaii
Mother English, Father Irish
Became a banker and businessman in Honolulu
Married his high school sweetheart
Fathered three children
Loved his family, friends, fishing and working on cars
Great sense of humor, gentle, kind and affectionate

Dear Daddy,
You've been gone so long and I still miss you. I wish that you could share in the joy that is my life. I wish that you could have been a part of my children's growing up. I wish that you could see what wonderful young men they have become and what loving families of their own they have created. I wish that they could have had the blessing of your presence in their lives.
Thank you for being the person you always were. Thank you for taking care of us, for being a loving husband and father. Thank you for your humor, the joy that you had over "the little things", that when added up, become something big..the wonder and sense of gratitude for those small bits and pieces that are a part of each day.
Thank you for teaching me the importance of love in my life, love of family and friends. Thank you for showing me the value of expressing that love not only through actions and deeds, but with words. I do not remember a day going by that you didn't say "I love you" out loud to each of us. I learned that lesson well by your example.
I remember so well you describing one of your friends: "He doesn't have a mean bone in his body." Neither did you.
Thank you, I love you Daddy.


marylou said...

Hi Ellen,
I understand the loss of a parent and as we get older is seems to become more difficult to deal with!! I guess we always would like our parents to rescue us:) It sounds like you too had a wonderful dad:) What I try to do is remember my dad's amazing qualities and keep close to my heart the memories he and I made together...wishing for you the same joy:)

Now, if we could only do something with your ##@%%# issues (big smile here) life would be perfect:) HAH...I love a gal who can laugh and thru your blogs I can "READ" your terrific sense of humor. Thanks for sharing with us your "funny side"!!! Hug Life:) Peace, Marylou

Monica said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad, Ellen...Is always a delight to read your posts :)

Marti said...

Quite a handsome fellow!