Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sometimes the Obvious.... right under my nose.
It just occurred to me
that I must really enjoy
dissecting works of art, and then
mixing them back together in my own crazy fashion.
I made this collage years ago.
I had just gotten a printer
and I was wild with excitement.
I spent hours on the Internet
searching for images.
I printed them out. It took forever with a dial up connection.
This is/was my humble homage to some
of the artists I have always loved.
I hope you enjoy it.
It is settled in a frame
and lives in our entry way
where I took out the folding doors of a small closet.
My grandmother's desk nestles in there.
I love this space, even if it leads
to the laundry room.
Best to all, e. 


J & B said...

Hi Ellen,
This is really lovely, we enjoyed all the art snippets
do you call this collage?

Ginnie said...

I love it Ellen. The colors are outstanding and the combination of themes is fun. I love the look on Vincent's face ... not so sure he likes being being embraced by the little Putti !
Also, the Vermeer "Girl with Pearl Earring" is one of my favorite pictures. I just love her face.

Ginnie said...
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jackie said...

so much to look at in your collage...i just saw the real van gogh self portrait at the art institute in chicago. and the girl with the pearl earing - loved that book!

Anonymous said...

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