Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Vet...

"Gammie, I'm a vet and I want you to call me."
"O.K. I'll call your office."
"What is the number?"
"Um, it's..just a minute. It's
Brrrr-ing. Burrr-ring.
"Hello, may I please speak to Dr. Kelley?"
"This is Dr. Kelley. Do you have a sick animal?"
"Yes, I do. In fact I have two."
"O.K. You can bring them in."
"Dr. Kelley, this is Puppy and this is Little Brown Dog,
or LBD."
"Can you describe what you have been
seeing about them? I mean, how have
they been acting?"
"Well, LBD seems to have some
pain in his stomach, and Puppy is always
scratching his ear and I think he has a fever."
"Well, let me just take a look. I'll take their
temperature and I may have to x-ray them."
"Please have a seat."
"Yes, I can see that Little Brown Dog
is having some problems. His x-rays
show that there are germs in his stomach.
He is running a little fever. I have some
medicine that will help."
 "Puppy's ear has some yellow and red stuff in it."
"I am not sure what is causing this, but I'll
bandage it and give him some medicine too."
"I'd like to keep them overnight. Would that be o.k. with you?"
"Oh, yes. Thank you Dr.Kelley."
"You're welcome and I will call you tomorrow."
(Then she whispers in my ear, "Gams, do you pay me,
or do I pay you?")
You gotta love a six year old.
best to all, e.


J & B said...

This is a little treasure, fun to watch a child at play
they are always quite serious, that time goes by in
a flash. B

jackie said...

i'm not sure i even have words for this delightful post...
oh my goodness is it just a wonderful thing to be a grandma??
i want to to a grandma like you!

jackie said...

oh, and that first picture is priceless with those adorable eyes!

robyn L. said...

Oh, that is so cute!

henny said...

Oh Ellen, what a wonderful moment to hear and watch your granddaughter's play! I agree with jackie, being a grandma seems priceless :)

maggiegracecreates said...

This post makes me smile big. I hope I can be the "super cool" grandmother at some time in the far future.

Love to you --- teresa