Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Please Think About This...

Patricia sent an email today.
You can read about her blog entry here:
No matter what you do, what you create,
the beauty that you send out
to the world
 belongs to you and no one else.
Many people create such beauty
with positive intention.
Their hands and heart and mind
come together
and they are so generous in their sharing.
Patterns, ideas, photos, tutorials,
and support.
Many of us, me included, may not
create a book, we may not have a large following,
but our words, thoughts and efforts
are our own.
We all choose to do this
and it is always with hope
that others will respect our efforts.
This place, this space,
has granted me so much inspiration
and good will.
It has allowed me a spot to throw
out my words.
It has allowed me the privilege
of meeting so many wonderful 
and exceptional women and men.
Taking someone's words,
photos, ideas and creations,
is akin to violating their home,
their heart...and yes...
their being.
We can all speak out.
Not to mention that it is
best, e.


ZenCrafter said...

Ellen, thank you for this beautiful post! You captured exactly what I've been feeling today. I know my blog may seem an insignificant thing, "just" another craft blog, but the things I share are significant to me. And it matters deeply to see my work appropriated without attribution. Thank you for understanding, and expressing important truths.

jackie said...

agreed! so glad that you ladies have the heart to share your wonderful words and creations with all of us despite the risks of other people taking liberties with your stuff.