Saturday, April 9, 2011

It Must Be Spring..

Families of birds
are packing up and leaving.
A new community
is moving in
and will set up housekeeping
in the woods and fields.
I wonder if they chat
with each other in passing.
How was your trip
and did it take long?
Are you going
to miss your old stomping grounds?
There's some prime real estate
around here.
Keep in mind, we'll be back.
Take care of the neighborhood
and don't bring it down.

Petals unfold in commas
like the pages of my new book,
delicious with hidden messages
and round words.
Anticipation is high,
and there is surprise
with every turn.

I swear
that the picture of my Grandmother
hanging in the hall,
shines a little brighter.
I think I see the blush
of rose in her cheeks.
Spring was always
her favorite chapter.

best to all, e.


Ginnie said...

Hi Ellen: the reference to your Grandmother's new blush reminds me of how often I think, "I'll give Mother a call and share this thought with her" ... and then I remember that she's been gone since 1988 ! It's amazing how they stay with us, isn't it?
And I love your last blog, both the pictures and the text. What a sweet little 6 yr. old.

J & B said...

love the story of passing birds and communication,
it does make you wonder if the use each others
accommodation .

jackie said...


ZenCrafter said...

The meeting of birds, the unfolding of petals like a book's comma, the blush on a photo. I love all of the imagery! Beautiful work, Ellen!

marylou said...

I thought I would pop by and see if you had posted as it had been awhile without your beautiful words, and voila, here you are and with so many beautiful photos and gorgeous lovely writing. So GOOD to see you E, albeit thru your posts, I send my love;-)

Leigh @ Toasted said...

What a beautiful little space you have here in the blogosphere. I just happened upon your blog via. Quince and Quire. I'll be back.