Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Are Invited.... attend a little party hosted
by my dear friend,
Miss Mermaid.
I hope that you will come along with me.
We'll knock gently.
Don't you love that door knocker?
Miss M. has a lovely collection
of 18th century caps
and brooches.
While we are here you may choose
to wear one if you wish. 
Before the other guests arrive,
I want you to see how Miss M.
hangs her fairy lights from the ceiling,
and how gorgeous her collection
of hand blown glass is.
Oh, I think I see the flash
of  tail,
and hear the gentle swish of fin.
Do meet her other guests.
Don't be shy. They are truly gentle
and engaging souls.
If one should whisper
a gentle bubble in your ear,
or brush you in passing,
count it as a blessing.
Miss Mermaid's delectable salad is on the table.
Do help yourself.
It is delicious.
I know it has been a long trip,
and it is getting late,
but I hope that you stayed 
and enjoyed it.
All photos were taken several years ago at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
Best to you, ellen.


Sarah said...

What a beautiful voyage to a magical world . . .

J & B said...

Beautiful and colorful for a grey April morning,
love your magic Babs

jackie said...

oh my goodness! i have been to that aquarium and was blown away by it! love, love, love that place and your pictures. someday i want to go back there.

furrybees said...

What great photos. Oh, for a swim in the sea!