Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Stroll...

....I hope that you will come along.
I want to show you the big tree,
the Douglas Fir that blew down in the frightening
wind storm we had a few weeks ago.
This was the storm of menacing winds,
the storm of "Where do I stand,
where do I hide in the house?"
The storm when the wind roared,
"I am coming to get you!"
Here is the root ball. It must be ten feet tall.
If you will sit with me near the root ball,
we can look straight ahead.
It looks as if we are gazing upwards towards the sky.
We are, in fact, looking at the trunk.
It lies on the ground.
A behemoth of wood and moss.
We cannot see the end,
and this beauty has taken others with her,
as if to say,
"If I go, I want my sisters to come with me."
She will, in time with her sisters,
provide us with fuel for the wood stove.
Let's move on and see some of the beauty
that Spring is sending us.
Daffodils and trilliums,
daffodowndillies near the Forest Fairy Tree.
Trilliums in the forest, popping up
to say, "Hello."
Heading on home.
Look through the shade cloth with me.
I love the nuances of the world beyond.
It is a beauty.
Thanks for coming along.
I like company.
Best to all, e.

1 comment:

J & B said...

I can see the tree stump, it has two eyes and a nose
and looks like a bear!
we have a tree stump near a marsh looks like a Moose.
imagination plays tricks. you have a lovely Spring
ours still to come. love the trilliums and daffs.