Monday, April 18, 2011

No Camera.....

...all week. I forgot it at my son's house this weekend.
Every time I look out the window,
I see something I want to photograph.
Then, I remember that I left it way up north.
I'll get it back this weekend.
How is it that the weekend
seems so far away?
In its absence, 
I offer up some collages made from old photos.
Wishing all a wonderful and sunny week.
best to all, e.


jackie said...

ellen, the combination of your photos is utterly compelling!! of cours this makes me mourn along with you the forgotten camera....
era..pOforgive the extra letters i'm trying to figure out this damn new smartphone!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! You have such an eye for texture, light and beauty. I love that you have found a way to make art through photos even when you can't reach your camera!

weebug said...

even without a camera at hand, you inspire!

Susan T said...

You left such a delightful comment on Alice C's blog that I had to find out who you were.

I am very glad I did. I am here to stay now.

Sue T