Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Over Heard....

...in the chicken yard.
Some things are best kept silent,
best kept within a closed circle.
Some things need to be
wrapped up, squeegeed together,
and then thrown away.
Some words are kind;
a cooling wind when one is hot.
Some words are garnered
from fields of kindness,
sieved and cleansed.
Some words are as follows:

Mrs. Dickens...have you noticed how Carmen
has totally milked her attack with the raccoon?
Betty...what attack?
Mrs. Dickens...Jeeze, you are dumb.
Don't you remember THE NIGHT?
Betty...what night?
Carmen, with gentleness...
The night of the attack.
Betty...What attack?
Mrs. Dickens... Good God,
you were there, Betty.
Betty...I was?
Edith...Yes, Betty, you were.
We were all there and it was awful.
Mrs. Dickens...
For God's Sake!
SHE ran out with her broken leg,
with that huge solid something,
a cast, I think they call it.
HE ran out  in his boxer shorts.
It was three in the morning.
SHE grabbed a 2x4.
HE flashed the light.
 The damned raccoon ran for it.
It was quite a sight and hysterical,
if I do say so myself.
Hester...But Carmen was all right.
She survived.
Iris...Yes, she did and that bad
karma will come back
and twist that raccoon into
a small piece of nothingness.
Betty..What is karma?
Jasmine...Don't worry, dear.
It's all over.
Betty...What's over?
Hester...Don't fret, Betty.
Life turns on a dime,
and we have some quarters left.
best to all,e.


Ginnie said...

My daughter's chickens have names like Socrates, LeeAnn, Anglee and Plato. They should meet up with Mrs. Dickens. It would be quite a conversation.

Babs, Jo, John said...

I love this story and the photo's my imagination
worked overtime on this one. ...B

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Oh man...I hope we don't end up with raccoons in our back yard. Our girls are getting closer and closer to moving outside into the big, bad world. Yipes!
Happy Easter.

ZenCrafter said...

Oh my word, this is hilarious! I'm going to have to share it with my friend Lisa, if she hasn't already seen it. :)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

This is great. I have several Bettys in my flock and they act just like this.

I'd love to hear their conversation when my feeble minded Bettys get stuck behind the fence. The open fence. That they only need to sidestep to get out of. :D

This made my morning.

jackie said...

i've been trying to get your posts in an rss reader and i just now realized they are not showing up. damnit!
i love your chicken stories and their personalities! the more i think of betty the more i get the giggles!! :)