Friday, March 23, 2007

A Happy Visit Yesterday

I had a great morning at school standing in as a grandparent for an adorable first grader. She had loads of energy, curiosity, enthusiasm and lots and lots to say! She loved her book bag and seemed especially enchanted with the book worm. The little worm just had to go to lunch with us and then out to the playground.
I called her mother late yesterday afternoon to tell her how much I appreciated and enjoyed the time I got to spend with her daughter. I've never met the family and don't know them at all, but I know her mother enjoyed the call.
When I was teaching one of the things that I tried hard to do each year was to call parents and tell them how much I loved having their son or daughter in my class. They were always a bit surprised and a little wary at first when they picked up the phone. Unfortunately calls from teachers are usually not made for positive reasons. I did try hard to be the exception. I'd be lying to say that I enjoyed each and every child I had in thirty some odd years, but if you look hard enough you can always find something positive to say, you can uncover the goodness and beauty of each one of those students. I miss that part of my job as I miss many other things about my "school teacher" days. I do however love what I'm doing now, LOVE being able to go back to school and visit, and LOVE being able to say to myself, "I'm outta here right now!" I can check out any time I want. Freedom, whee!
I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend, filled with just those things that make it good for you.

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