Thursday, March 15, 2007

Logging On and On and On

No, not the computer logging on, but the logging of trees up behind our property. The cutting of trees has been going on behind our property for a few months now...through fog, rain, and sometimes snow. Now they are hauling the logs up the steep grade with huge cables. It is steep enough that apparently it is safer to haul them up the slope than to bring them down. Actually, it is less environmentally bad for the soil and slope of the area.
During the daylight hours I can hear the sharp staccato "Toots" of a whistle. These vary in number and cadence. I know that this is for safety sake (this is a dangerous job) but I just can't figure out what these different signals mean.
Soon they will bring them by truck past our house, across the bridge and out to the highway where they will be taken to a mill to be processed into Lumber.
When we first moved here the sight of tree cutting upset me. I have since learned to relax a bit as I have learned that these parcels will be replanted and gorgeous growth will occur. I still don't like it, but we have been here long enough for me to see the beauty of regrowth and to know that there are some good stewards of the land around here. I know that the laws and rules of cutting down trees have changed over the years. People are much more aware of environmental issues, impacts etc. I can still say my silent prayer to these trees, but know that without them we would have no new homes etc. This is the economy here and I am thankful that there appear to be more people/companies who are approaching all of this industry as Stewards of the land, care takers of this beautiful part of the country in which I live.

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