Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tea and Sympathy

I am determined to be peevish, peeved, and perpetually perplexed. I started this blog because I hoped that it would help me link up with other blogs, to leave comments and to participate in some of the "alongs". I am close to giving up. My ignorance and stupidity astound me. My inability to put one of my own pictures on the blog astounds me and is causing me to decide to chuck the whole thing...and to Chuck with a vengeance and with violence. Add to that, I am a dismal typist!
I feel better already.
Spring is showing her lovely face around here. Saw the first hummingbird the other day, our daffodils are blooming and it is not raining here for once.
Other not so lovely signs...saw the first buzzard way up high, riding the thermals. Thermals are a good sign for warming up. I also noticed a fruit fly "thermalling" around in the washing machine when I went to take out the clean clothes. Now how enchanting is that?
I'll keep trying with the pictures. Why can't I have my own tutor sitting right beside me?
Peeve, peeve, peeve. I promise if I persist with this to be much more pleasant and positive!
On to my tea which is artfully served in one of my husband's John Deere mugs! How's that for tea ambiance?
If anyone stumbles across this, I hope that you too are enjoying the unfolding of Spring wherever you may be. Best wishes!

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