Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Stroll...

You come too. We'll walk down the drive
and cross the bridge.
While we are on the bridge we can see the muddy water that is Elk Creek. Don't lean over too far. It's a long ways down and that water is cold and swift.
I want you to see another of my very favorite trees. Words cannot describe it. I think that it is a Sequoia and it is so large that I absolutely cannot capture it in its fullness, so we will stand underneath it and admire only a tiny part of it.

We head back across the bridge and can see the Not So Inviting Sign. It does have a genuine purpose as we have suffered some fools who have driven too fast and hurled themselves through the bridge railings. Not a pretty sight, but they were all safe, thankfully.
Let's stop in at the old hog barn. I think there is something quite magical that rises and floats according to the wind's sweet breath.
See how it moves.
Here we go into the woods to see some mossy richness,
and again, my favorite Forrest Fairy tree.
Hang in there (if you are still here). We are homeward bound.
One little creek to pass over, no warning signs, just gentle burbling.
Here we are greeted with color although the hope of Spring is still a prayer.
And finally, the ones who can make you laugh,
who provide food and who are equally as colorful no matter what the season. Thank you for being here. It means so much.
I wish you the joys of the season, no matter where you are.
I thank you if you have lasted this long. Truly, Sunday Strolls are my favorite. Your continued support brings me joy and I hope that you have enjoyed it. 
Best to all, ellen.


J & B said...

Ellen that was a breath of fresh air, as we fight through the dark and morbid days of Ontario in March, but we know that in a rush, soon to come we too will smell the blossoms!
thank you

Ellen said...

Thank you for a wonderful walk!!! What a lovely idea. We are still in the midst of winter here and are getting over colds and mucky stuff that we haven't been searching for spring yet...

P.S. - love your new header.

Ginnie said...

Hi Ellen: I love the idea of a walk with you but for some reason I was only able to get the last 5 pictures. I'm sure it's my computer and not yours but I liked the on-going comments as we walked!
And, of course, the chickens are wonderful.

Robin said...

thank you for the lovely walk, I felt like I was walking along side of you seeing so much more than I would have if I were by myself.

Ginnie said...

I couldn't resist writing a 2nd time to tell you that I brought up your blog on the computer here at the Free Care Clinic where I volunteer and ALL the pictures came up fine. THEY ARE GORGEOUS and I'm so glad I got to see them all. Thanks for taking the time to document the walk.

Jackie said...

Do you remember how I said I was reading the Madeline L'Engle book and it reminded me of you. In one of the beginning chapters she talks about having to escape the noise and chaos of the household and heading into the fields and woods - just like your Sunday strolls. It was the little stream picture that triggered me to remember that from the book. I love your Sunday strolls!
Also, your bean and veggie broth concoction sounds so restorative and like a recipe of gratitude, if that makes sense?

ellen said...

This is for Robin whom I cannot thank directly. I hope that you will see this and I want you to know that I appreciate your visit and words so much.