Monday, March 28, 2011

Run With Your Scissors Part Two...

Quite a while ago I created some "Half Hearted Art".
I cut up an old, but small calendar
from the National Gallery of Art.
I dissected some of my favorite artists, may they forgive me.
I limited myself to only using half of a heart shape. 
The hearts could be perfect or curvy and twisted. 
For some odd reason, they just had to be
half hearted.
So, I ran with my scissors, glue,
and a full hearted sense of fun.
And it was fun, lots of it.

....and then this weekend
when I had some alone time,
oh, blessed alone time,
I attempted to Run Again.
I ran and ran without restrictions.
Do you know that it was so much harder?
It was.
Here is what came out of my freedom.
A beetle. I am not too fond of him.
He is a bit off center, and he was very difficult
to pin down. Pinned he is, and loved he is not.
Now, here is the the Chicken
and the Egg
from Art Hell. 
She is more of a "Where Is Waldo?"
Can you see her? If so, you win the prize.
Grant wood is in there.
Goya, et all.
She and the egg evolved
from a photo I took of one of my hens.
I had to put a few dots here and there
just to see her.
But, she is still
Where Is Waldo?
Now, here is my favorite one.
The one who makes me jump for joy.
And for some reason, I cannot make him any bigger.
He keeps hopping down the "page".
I think that he is just shy
and a wee bit embarrassed
because he knows that I am proud of him.
He knows, I am sure,
that good things come in small packages.
He is the little Peeper
that we can hear singing at night.
He is the harbinger,
the messenger in the mud, 
the post card
from Spring,
the one that sings hope.
Life and warmth is on the way.
Sleep well and easy.
 I will sing you
a lullaby.

Best to all, have a lovely week, e.


J & B said...

Magnificent you are Portland's Picasso!
Love them all and especially the one you don't it's "imperfections" give it character.
Will have to stare a bit longer to see the chicken or is it a cockerel?

Ellen said...

Peepers...I used to catch those when I was a child. These collages are great. I remember in college one of our assignments was to recreate a masterpiece using tiny tiny dots of colored paper hole-punched from magazines - I chose a Mary Cassatt painting. Of course, I wasn't cutting up a masterpiece, just creating one! :) Good for you to cut the lovely paintings - in our house (growing up), it was the National Geographics that were off-limit. :)

robyn L. said...

Oh I love him! By the way, I have never seen a peeper outdoors--only heard them!

Sarah said...

Love these so much! Please do more.

jackie said...

um, do you understand how incredible these are? seriously, they need to be mounted on art paper and framed. i would consider buying one - they are just that fantastic!!!

ZenCrafter said...

Ellen, well I'm so glad I hopped over from Sarah's wonderful list of blog delights. This post, and your art, make my heart absolutely sing with joy!! Wish we could all sit together and cut up paper and combine them in ways that wake up the eyes to the beauty around us.