Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Spring Break Here....

...and Spring is here.
She is here with color and rain
and wind.
She is here with wet and cold.
The woodstove chugs on and on.
The grayness, fog, and did I mention rain,
soaks us all up and lands us
in a puddle of coldness.
But, it is Spring and there is

And there has been wind,
wind to scare me to death!
Where to stand in the house.
Where to hide, lest a tree
fall on me.
Wishing all a beautiful spring.
There will be lots of people here this week.
Enjoy the beauty that is unfolding.
Best to all, e.


robyn L. said...

Daffodils! Lovely. :)

J & B said...

Hi, Well they say North Wind doth Blow and we shall
have snow! sounds like you have the winds and we are
going to have snow by this evening. Winter is really
hanging on. love you new laid egg in straw last week
wonderful things, definitely little gifts that do you good.
best wishes to you and the chickens! Babs.

Ellen said...

When I see daffodils it reminds me of my grandparents' house and of Wordsworth's poem: I wandered lonely as a cloud... They are such cheerful flowers!

Ginnie said...

Ah, the colors of Spring. They are so much more dramatic in your area ... with the contrast with winter.
Down here in North Carolina it is lovely but can be a bit boring.
Happy Spring to you.

weebug said...

i enjoy spring more with each passing year. i love the sights and smells of the earth's rebirth, it is truly magical

Kristin Nicholas said...

Happy Spring to you too! It will be awhile for our daffs.

Your photos are gorgeous too. Especially like that up close moss one down below - it is like a little world. Drop dead gorgeous.
Good weekend! Kristin