Friday, March 25, 2011

Mother Nature...

....has been practicing her moves today. She is more adept than any teen.
She has moves and tricks
and has honed her skills to perfection.
The sun is her yoyo, and mercifully for the last
45 minutes she has been Walking the Dog.
Walking the Dog is my favorite move she makes.
The sun blesses us with his brightness and warmth.
Turn your back, however, and she will
execute The Breakaway.
Blink an eye,
it's the Four Leaf Clover and the shadows
disappear, rain pounds the already saturated earth.
Watch the Gravity Pull and get both sun
and rain at the same time.
I can't wait until she gets bored
and does the Sleeper all summer long.
Spring in Western Oregon
overflows with her capricious nature.
Wishing all a calm and beautiful weekend.
Best to all, ellen.


J & B said...

lovely metaphor, the sun as a Yoyo!
here in Ontario we have sunshine but accompanied by 19deg F so what yoyo move is that?

Ginnie said...

Beautifully written, Ellen and I love the colors in the "sun".

furrybees said...

Very funny :-)

ZenCrafter said...

Yes, capricious is exactly the right word!! I love your writing, Ellen!