Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craving Color....

It's ridiculous to even wish/think that these will be good.
It is way too soon to hope for flavor, even if they are from California.
I couldn't resist, so here  they are as I attempt to photograph them with a 110lb dog leaning on my leg.
Eating color is good even if it's not at it's best.
Call it visual therapy.
Now, this was tasty and good for you. Home made veggie stock;
wintered over leeks, onions, carrots. Add some garlic, kombu, bay leaves, red  pepper flakes and celery, simmer for the time it takes to knit half a sleeve, strain the next day, give the chickens the over cooked veggies and throw it all into the pressure cooker with one and a half bags of black beans.
Simmer again the next morning with cumin, a little chipotle chili powder (finish the other half of the sleeve, start on the next one) and finally, slurp up with whole wheat olive bread with egg salad from home grown eggs. 
Finish off with Save the Ta Ta Cookies
which were named after a breast cancer awareness
shirt my daughter-in-law gave me. Honestly, these are just sugar cookies with a large chocolate drop in the middle.

The first time I made them and took them out of the oven, I burst into laughter and screamed, "Ta Tas"! They have ever since been called that and beloved by all.
Best to all, ellen.


J & B said...

Hey there,
You have a lovely touch with your photo's,also
you are making me hungry, the veg in your stock
looks so healthy, does the flavor of the pepper and chili
come through very strong? I would love 6 fresh eggs to
go with it too, if only! Babs

weebug said...

yum. i'll be right down for supper!

J & B said...

question What is Kombu?

Thank you for encouraging words B.

Sarah said...

Those strawberries look delicious! I am impressed you managed to photograph them with your "helper"!

Ellen said...

Visual therapy...I like that. You are very witty, Ellen. I too, bought strawberries from the grocery store (even though I knew it was too soon), but they did look enticing and a little color does help.