Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Care To Go For A Walk With Me?

Here's one of my favorite maples. She beautiful in all seasons.

........And here, some very tender infants, creating their own patchwork of beauty. They will grow by leaps and bounds as the weather warms up. They love the heat and sunshine which is just around the corner.

Don't be frightened, this old beauty just looks scary. She's endured for years and carries many battle scars.

Here we go, tip-toe, tip-toe through these lovely little weeds,

and amble past the mossy elbows of the grapes,'s some woodland sweetness,

.......trip-trap, trip-trap, watch out for the Trolls,

.......I think there's a dryer path than this,

......saying hi to the little pine,

Back at home, we made the rounds, though there is so much else to see. Perhaps you will join me some other day for a walk. Thanks for coming.



weebug said...

thank you for the virtual walk...for now that will have to suffice.

robyn L. said...

Lovely! And thank you for the virtual exercise! ;o)

marylou said...

I love your gardens and what a joy it would be to visit you in person;) I will have to be sated with your virtual tour which was lovely. That old tree didn't scare me, I LOVED it;) But then again, I adore all things & people with character, like YOU;)
Loves ya, Marylou ^-^

Amy said...

Good for you, out and about with your camera ;) Let it be your new little companion, you never know what relationship you two will have. So lovely, to have all that nature surrounding you.

Anonymous said...

late to comment, but LOVED the nature walk! thanks for sharing...(BTW found you through smoothpebble)