Monday, April 21, 2008

For Crying Out Loud.....!!!!!

This is what greeted us on April 19th and again on April 20th. WE live in the Pacific Northwest, not the North Pole. What is happening?

Snow this late is unheard of...that is, until now.

It was fortunately very dry and light. Snow is always tough on the greenhouses and I am sad that my blossoming cherry may not produce this summer. We'll see.

I am very grateful that we did not start our vegetable garden!

Besides the snow, we were greeted with hail the size of pregnant peas, rain and flannel gray skies.

The weather report promised "episodes" of sun today. I have yet to enjoy that, but at least it is...
not snowing.

I love the poetic turn, "episodes of sun". I am always fascinated by the opposing statements of "partly sunny" and "partly cloudy". Is that akin to the "glass half full" and the "glass half empty"? I am eagerly awaiting the sun episodes and hope that these will soon turn into "Extended Visits", "Homeric Epics" and a "Long Running, Sold Out Solar Production of Mammoth Proportions".


Amy said...

Eek, snow! I have a sunburn. Yes, very stupid of me. But I do wish you extended mammoth episodes of solar production :)

marylou said...

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water. ~Carl Reiner

I am cold! I live in Ca for goodness sakes, where is our sunshine??? It must be in Florida or maybe Arizona;) I don't want to quibble, please mother nature, send us all some sun rays, pretty please;)
Hug Warmth, Marylou ^-^

weebug said...

strange weather we are having! hopefully it will be a bit warmer soon.

Monica said...

Oh Ellen! How can we tell mother nature that that snow is not necessary at this point?!
Wishing the sun will shine and bring lots of warm sunshine your way.

Nora said...

Hi Ellen! Nice to be back here. I couldn't believe the snow either. And it was real snow, too! We had some hail too, very odd.

Anonymous said...

Weather has been strange here in the midwest too. Hail the size of pregnant peas, that is too funny! Hope you are getting some sun now.