Monday, April 28, 2008

Blog Brakes...

Apparently, a full set has been applied to this blog by my subconscious. While I've had lots to say, I seem to lack the energy and impetus at this time.
I am relieved to note that there is a "return spring" and it won't be long that these are in use.
The "hub" will keep me centered, the "lining" and "pads" will keep me comforted and the "shoes" will lead me back on the path. (I have no idea about the "stud". We'll leave it at that)

I have been crocheting; working on my granny squares. I've made about 35 and by my calculations, that's hardly enough to cover a cat. I've also been practicing with needle and thread to master hand quilting. That may have to come in another life. I am having difficultly using my thimble. I may just have to let that little beauty go, and instead, stab myself repeatedly in my efforts.

Last week we had really big winds and during the night, one of our oaks crashed. I was awakened by a blinding light and horrendous noise. I thought that we were in the midst of a thunder storm. The poor old tree, weakened by the wind and winter had fallen and hit the power pole. It splintered the pole, destroyed the transformer and took all of the power out.
I am fine without power. We can stay warm the way we always do with the wood stove. I can cook on it and I do have water stored for emergencies. I have candles always and a flashlight. I can pull out my little aluminum percolator for coffee, although grinding the beans was a challenge. An empty beer bottle rolled over the beans worked pretty well. I do balk at no showers and NO toilet flushing. Having a well does impede certain amenities.

I doubt that I will be gone for too long and I will continue to check on blogs that I love and to find more. It's just a break with the "brakes" and from what I read, it happens to all. For those who do visit me and leave comments, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You brighten my day, make me feel connected and inspire me. Thank you.

Best and hoping your spring is there in all her glory.


robyn L. said...

Ellen, I will miss your blog posts. Here's hoping you have a restful break and return soon!


LizzieJane said...

Good for you, everyone needs a break from time to time and I hope you will get much from it.
Hurry back my new blog friend.

weebug said...

what is important is that you take care of yourself! i am looking forward to your return.

Anonymous said...

I've been taking a break/brake myself. Sometimes you just have to take care of other stuff.

Good luck with the tree, it's sad to see them go as well as being a giant hassle.

I look forward to seeing you pop up again, but do what you need to do.

Amy said...

Blog breaks...I can relate to these words. We will wait, and hope you get some lovely weather so you don't have to rough it :)

Crayons said...

Hi Ellen,
I am a big believer in blogging breaks. My last one was 7 months long. I just felt like it had all turned into a frenzy, and I wasn't living life the way I like to live it.

I very much enjoy your blog and the sparkling fairy dust that you sprinkle into mine.

Enjoy the unfolding of this most magical and mysterious season.

Monica said...

I will miss you my friend! Is always a delight to read your posts. Take care and enjoy Spring!

Anonymous said...

Oh happy break! Maybe you should have added a picture of a battery as well. Sometimes those need to be recharged. Take care!

Nora said...

I totally support blogging breaks. Enjoy!

Gretel said...

Am assuming you are back now? A power cut does seem a rather extreme way to take a blog break ;) but does the oak crashing mean you have a good wood supply for next winter?

Hoping Spring is or has went (wound? wended?) its way over to you.

Hurrayic said...

I fully understand your blog-rest. (Is that sort of like bed-rest for your surfing abilities? Hmmm...) Anyway, thank you for the comments about the garden. This weekend is so full with other things, that the garden will have to wait 1 more week. Not too bad, really, since my veggie plants have not arrived yet.

Ginnie said...

I've just found you and now you are going on Hiatus. I will make it up by reading your past posts!
BTW I noticed in your Profile that you read historical fiction. I have just started a book called, "Mary" by Janis Cooke Newman (about the widow of Abraham Lincoln) and it's fascinating.

Crayons said...

Hi Ellen,
I just stopped in to say hi. I hope you are enjoying your blog break.

henny said...

Thank u Ellen for stop by to my blog. So, you're ready for blogging again? I hope you've already gat 'recharged'.
Nice to read your posts. I'll be back as soon as you write a new one.