Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Got Mail!!

I picked this box up at the post office yesterday.

The box measures 12"x7" and it's 5" deep.

Can you guess what came in that box?

...yards of fabric? No.
...40 spools of thread? No. itty bitty sewing machine? No.
..35 patterns, a new pair of scissors, a measuring tape, a rotary cutter and some interfacing? No.

This box contained my brand new, teeny-tiny leather thimble!
Do you think the company has gone green yet? I calculate that it took 1/8 of a small tree to make this box and all for a thimble!

I am, however, absolutely thrilled to have it! My husband was chuckling at me as I was dancing around the kitchen with my thimble on my finger.
I asked him what was so funny and he just said, "I love it when you get so excited about such small things."
(Small things amuse small minds, I guess.) I am excited to have this lovely thimble and I have ordered two hoops. I am determined that one of these days I am going to learn to do a little hand quilting.
My only concern is that my car will not be big enough to hold the box that my new hoops will come in.



Amy said...

A good thimble is priceless, especially when hand quilting. I wish I could come visit so we could stitch together :)

Monica said...

You're just hilarious Ellen!! As for the thimble, as much as I love them as tiny little adorable things, I have never master the use of one...Every time I try, I ended up taking it off, I guess I'm use to get my fingers all prick with the needle..oh silly me!!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny, but sadly true. I've enjoyed peeking at your blog since you left a comment on mine. Hope your ribs are doing better.