Monday, April 7, 2008


.......I can't find my hope, when I feel helpless, when I am afraid for us all, when darkness descendes in cruelty, in want, in war, in evil, in endless destruction: I sometimes turn to these small books.
They grant me a little brightness. They feed my need for belief that there are people on this earth who live a life of goodness, caring and simple respect.

I know that this is fiction..I know that these people are not real; but I do know that people like these people do exist in this world.

A good life is in the little things. Little things all add up to take care of the Big Stuff.

Caring about others in small ways, being accepting of our differences, being respectful and taking the time to acknowledge our common needs and strengths...old fashioned politeness.

Yes, simple...maybe too simple for many people, but I find tremendous power is in the simple things.
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Amy said...

These acts are so simple coming from you, a natural sweetheart. But many people are so hardened, to offer a kind gesture is very difficult. It is a shame, these people scare me but I also feel like they are victims. They were born innocent children and the world dealt them a cold hand...or something like that. I will have to check this book out, thanks.

Gretel said...

Ellen, have you read the adult works of Elizabeth Goudge, the author of the children's book The Little White Horse? She has a similar effect on me, and was writing through the second world war. She manages to address the horror of life with its sheer wonder and beauty, I think you would love her.

(Thank you for worrying about my stabbing myself! It is an occupational hazard, I only bled slightly over something once!)

Susan said...

I too have read and reread My Family and Other Animals over and over again ... it's my comfort book. When I feel sad, lonely or bogged down with just how shitty our world can seem at times I pull out my musty old paperback copy and I'm instantly transporting to a life that I love. I especially love his descriptions of his constant companion Roger. It's so nice to "meet" someone else who knows and loves these books.

Thank you for your kind words left on my blog. Jake was/is an amazing dog and I was truly blessed that I shared 12 wonderful years with him and that he lived to be the ripe old age (for a retriever) of 13. I will miss him forever.

marylou said...

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~Leonardo DaVinci

Another lovely post from the most wonderful blogger of all;)
Loves ya, Marylou ^-^

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about these books. They make you crave for a world that often is not like this anymore.

They make you smile.