Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Trying to do a new entry, I deleted my last one about Father's Day and can't retrieve it..I don't know how. Oh, NutsX1,000...I was also trying to do a new post, which I hope will be done by tomorrow.
Any Bloggers (on blogger.com) know how to retrieve a deleted blog out there? Any person know HOW TO POST PHOTOS in order and SEPARATED from narrative or writing? I have no clue. Sometimes it works, but most of the time I HAVE NO CLUE and it doesn't work...but then, I am a dinosaur when it comes to tech stuff. Oh, phew. Not to mention that my exclamation mark is not working and that really torques me off, because...I really like to use it in these dramatic times. What in heaven's name would cause your exclamation mark not to work....see??? I just typed in 4 of those little upright silly things and you could not see them. (I wanted another one there.)

I am going to find my baby pillow, get my jammies on and be thoroughly sulkish. If it were colder I would make some hot chocolate and really have a good funk on my own.
Good Night to all and a happy Wednesday.

Best (at my worst) e.


Gretel said...

Oh Ellen, LOL! Well, not LO, as you sound thouroughly fed up, it was just the thought of you having a properly planned sulk...
When I saw this post in my bloglines feed, it had a lovely black and white 1950's feel photo of a glamorous couple drinking champagne? But when
I came directly here, it was gone.

I don't think you can retrieve a deleted blog...just be careful with that keyboard finger in future! :)

Marti said...

I had the same experience...saw a lovely photograph in my Bloglines feed and when I came to your blog to comment, it was gone. Hmmm...

About putting photos in order...what I do is upload the photo, and the code always is at the top of the post. I highlight the code and then move it down to where I want it in the text. I end up with a cohesive little story then.

I'm not sure that there is anything you can do about a deleted post, but I did read your Fathers Day one, and it was lovely!

marylou said...

Hiya E,
I believe once you delete a blog it goes to "bloggie heaven"..yep, sorry but true.
It has happened to me;(
No exclamation mark????
just cuss like I do;-) It feels better. Then go pour yourself a glass of wine, as long as it is after 5:00 pm (important point inserted here: somewhere in this big old world of ours it is ALWAYS after 5:00 pm)
Okay, my work here is done;)
Loves ya, Marylou

Amy said...

Yep, bloggie heaven. Did I see a wedding picture earlier that has disappeared? Happy Anniversary?