Thursday, August 9, 2007

Babbling, Blundering and Blogging Through B

Be still your hearts! I know that this Beautiful Bag will cause some of you to Blush and Bemoan the fact that you do not have one. It's Both Becoming and Bemusing...and yes, it's where I keep my circular needles, my measuring tape, my stitch markers, my needle gauges, stitch holders, double pointed needles, scissors and a Bounty of things. I can even fit a little Book or two in the pockets on the outside. It is not an original idea to me, I saw it somewhere, but can't give credit where credit is due. It works for me and I love it for its portability, etc.
B is also for:
Brendan, my Beloved son could I live without them..they are everywhere, in the car in the Bathroom, in every room in the house
Burt's Baby Bees stuff
Bobbysoxer..I would have been one if I had worn shoes
Baking Bread
Baobab trees..I want to see them up close and personal before I leave this world
Baroque music
Botticelli, Breughel
And since I've exceeded the Bounds of Brevity, I'll say Bye Bye.



Elizabeth Musgrave said...

just found your blogs and your kind comment on one of mine so thought i would say hi. the pictures on your A blog are fabulous!

marylou said...

First the designer hose and now THIS bag...E, you are killing me with your "fantabulously chic" designs:)
Lunch was lovely until we noticed we forgot Dr. D's digi cam at the restaurant. Upon our return, 5 minutes later, it mysteriously disappeared????? A HUGE $750.00 lunch did NOT make my day:(
Hugs, Marylou xxoo