Friday, August 10, 2007

The C Conundrum

By Cracky, C Certainly is. Can't Conjure up much of a Collective today.
Consider Color...what a bleak world we'd be living in without all that gloriousness.

Consider Culinary Creations...this one Could have been a Catastrophe, but it is a delicious Concoction. I have loads of plums, pluots (sp?) to be exact and I had two peaches. I cut them up only to find out I did not have enough regular sugar...and no transportation today to get to the store. I used Turbinado sugar, threw in some sour Cream, Cinnamon, ginger, flour and butter and I think it is just about perfect! I am sporting a Cheshire Cat grin about now.
I gotta get back to Cleaning out my Closet.



marylou said...

Dude, actually dudette as I prefet to address my female buds:-).... I would love the recipe to that gorgeous torte??? Looks delish!!
Hope ya are having a good one:)
Hugs, Marylou

Amy said...

That "concoction" looks delicious! Save me a slice, I am headed over :)

marylou said...

Where is the D????????????
I am waiting in anticipation for this "fantabulous" letter:-) I love D's....:-)Delish, Diverse, Delectable, Divine, Druid..????? My mind wanders sometimes:) I know, I have NO life!!!
Hugs, Marylou