Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This is what it could have looked like yesterday. Fortunately with the help of two helicopters, a spotter plane, a battalion of firefighters and the DFPA, there was a happy ending. It sounded like a war zone here, and I guess it really was a war against such a potentially dangerous enemy. It started on the other side of our property, probably from some logging equipment. This time of year, all it takes is a tiny spark.
I can live without this kind of Excitement. Thanks are given!



marylou said...

Hey Bestest Buddy:)
I am so glad to hear you and yours are safe!!!! My son is a firefighter and I have a special cause in regards to fires...I DON'T WANT ANY!!!!! Needless to say "fires happen" and Bless those who fight them and save the lives of others:)
Again, so happy U IS OKAY!!! Now, that does not mean in any way, shape or form that you are safe from my continual ribbing:-) Ya just knew ya were not gonna get away with this one, right??? Silly woman....E is for ELLEN!!! Best bud in the whole world, albeit a bit selfish when it comes to "designer hoses"...hmmmmmm:-)
Love ya, Marylou

Amy said...

Wow..scary! Glad for the happy ending and wishing you rain :)

Marti said...

Holy smoke! (pun intended). Glad you and yours are alright.