Thursday, August 16, 2007

F For Flowers and Fragrance

These grew all around my green mountain valley home. Don't let anyone tell you that there's no magic in this world. Fragrance is the magic which carries you back over years. It carries you back over thousands of miles. It carries you back to the life you lived so long ago.


marylou said...

Fragrance and Flowers, what a lovely post. I am a NUT when it comes to scents...don't go there!! But really, I have candles all over the house, I use Fabreeze by the case and all those little plug in deoderizers!! I LOVE perfumes...yep, one could say I am infatuated with odors:-) AND...of course, I HATE the yucky smells, especially SKUNKS..every once in awhile I know there is one in the neighborhood...ewwwwwww. But the darn little fellas are so cute:) I can sure get lost in a post quickly, my concentration is that of a gnat!! Oh look..there goes a squirrel:-)
LOVE YA E.......Marylou

a Bohemian Market said...

Hi Ellen:
Marylou is a "nut" and one of the nicest woman around!!! You know what you are talking about as I think of Lilacs, Htdrangeas and Roses in my Mom's garden when I was growing up. Magical to say the least!!!
Very lovely psot
Thank you

marylou said...

Thanks for the sweet comment regarding my mom:)
I am waiting for G:-) You know me, so impatient!!! Gosh, golly, gee whiz, ya gotta get going:-) Okay, the men in the white suits are coming soon....ya gotta bring me a cake with a file in it and help me break out!! Don't forget Ethel, Love Lucy:)
Hugs to my bestest bud,