Tuesday, August 21, 2007

H is for Hanahauoli

...my beloved elementary school. Hanahauoli is in Honolulu and I was a student there from kindergarten through the sixth grade. It was an amazing little school. Poor in as much as the buildings were simple wooden structures which gathered around a central court yard. Poor in that there was no glass on the windows except for the office, but absolute richness abounded in every classroom and in the expanse and depth of the curriculum. Looking back, I guess we were immersed in a sort of Waldorf/Steiner/Montessori soupiness of education. We had art, music, rhythms, shop and never ending opportunities to "study, make and do".
I learned to use saws, drills, hammers and nails and a treadle sewing machine in shop. I made a bird cage..it probably weighed 40 pounds. I made an entire set of bowls by pouring slip into my mold, firing them and then glazing them. I sewed and designed my own softies as you would call them now. We all designed and made a stepping stone. We carved linoleum blocks and printed with them.
I learned to make a "real" book with hand sewn pages and hard cover. I still have that book.
I could go on and on...it would take up pages. Hanahauoli was an amazing school. I loved it and the gifts it gave me still amaze and delight me.
This is a picture of my sixth grade class.(click on it for a ginormous view) Aren't we a raggedy, but happy looking melange of innocence and youth! I am in the second row, 4th one in from the left, dead center. I'd go back in time in a heartbeat and relive those years again.


Amy said...

This school sounds like heaven! I thought you might be one of the girls with a big grin, like you were up to no good. But you look like you were paying attention, well-behaved, huh ;)..very cute.

fleur_delicious said...

wow, this sounds like so much fun! What great memories to have (and what useful skills!) One of my close girlfriends is starting to teach at a Montessori program this fall - I think the whole approach is pretty neat.

and re: that pudding, I used challah. Brioche, challah, or poundcake (sliced 1/4-inch thick) are recommended, but I remember reading in that original recipe that plain white bread will do, as well! My recipe called for three layers of bread sandwiching two layers of berries and sauce, with the sides left open.

fleur_delicious said...

oh! I nearly forgot! The key part is to line your mold with pan with plastic wrap before you start layering. Otherwise, it'll fall apart when you try to unmold it. =) cheers!

Monica said...

Ellen, thank you so much for your comment and your thoughts. It brought ahuge smile in my face.
What a wonderful memory of school. I wish today's education were more like the one you've had. Less emphasis in technology, and more creative, artistic, crafty, fun and useful things to learn.
I love the dress you're wearing in the picture!

marylou said...

What a treat!!! School in Hawaii:) I bet you were the teacher's pet!! Just think of all the fabulous learning techniques that were used. Now a days we are lucky if our kids learn the 3 R's. But they sure know about sex ed, etc...egad, such a travesty.
I would LOVE to see that book!! If ya ever feel like taking a pic that would be "KOOL":)
Hug Life bestest bud,

Marti said...

Sounds wonderful. Any school that you could go to barefoot (as evidenced by the boys in the front row) is my kind of place. So nice to have those kinds of memories about your grade school.