Monday, June 25, 2012

Gray, Grey

Yes, another rainy day.
More than rainy,
no shadows,
pewter sky,
determined Drenchness,
cold needles falling from flat clouds.
What clouds?
It's a solid ceiling of near black flannel sky.
Wood stove fired up again.
I need some color.
Sweet William and Mindless Knitting
of another dishcloth are
brightening my space.

I step outside the kitchen,
waiting for my old Newfoundland dog
to relieve herself.
She paces back and forth,
back and forth
as if to say,
"Where should I go,
where is the toilet, 
where is the exact and most perfect spot?"
I try to be patient.
After all, she deserves such respect.
I listen to the robin's song
and marvel at how
such dour and bland little birds
can send such a lovely
and heart wrenching song
out in to the air.
They always amaze me,
these harbingers of Spring and Summer.
There is such beauty in their voice,
a marvelous motet of joy.
When I see them hopping
on the ground
searching for worms,
they are so serious and intentional.
I picture the males
as having pocket protectors,
brief case under one wing,
and perhaps a spotted bow tie about their throats.
I imagine the females
clutching a carpet beater
or a duster,
one dimensional in their bounce
to and fro.
All seriousness and no fun.
But, I listen to their joyous notes,
their love songs for the season
and the world that they inhabit,
and I wonder.
Even on this gray, grey day
when I need to light the lamps at four o'clock
I can go outside
and stand under the eaves
and see the notes of song
they fling onto the flannel sky.
Rose red, sunflower yellows
and orange,
blueberry and Gentian blues,
the whiteness and brightness
of untraveled snow,
greens as glowing as early summer grass,
and the brightness of Sweet Williams
and mindless knitting,
button holed and feathered on to the low firmament.
Wishing you a bright and sunny week.

best, e.


Annie Cholewa said...

You are a poet!

The sun finally shone here today, maybe it's headed you way, hope so x

Grammy Braxton said...

Just discovered your blog through "Knitsofacto" and I enjoy it. I look forward to following you.

ellen said...

Dear Grammy Braxton, I have no clue how to respond, but if you read this again, I would love to be able to be in touch with you. I thank you for your comment and your connection.

Ginnie said...

I agree with Annie - you are a poet, who can turn waiting for the dog to do her thing into a thoughtful muse on nature. Beautiful, Ellen!

We would be glad to trade some of your cool and wet for our hot and dry.

Susan T said...

Such beautiful writing, you are so far away and yet our weather seems to be in mutual doldrums. Sadly the robins here are the brightest little chaps in our garden. Even the birds seem to have fled, to warmer climes perhaps, or just south. Starlings, blackbirds and rooks, complete our grey tapestry. Let's hope that we get one precious week at least where the sun shies and warms us through before the weather turns even colder. xx

Babs, Jo, John said...

We are lucky today a lovely morning sun to look out on,
your writing did the trick John just had to pop outside
in the garden to take a deep breath and thank our
blessings. We can't take anything for granted,enjoyed
this blog so much Babs&John

jackie said...

I think friend that we need to trade places for a week! We are hotter and drier than the blue blazes!! But love your attitude and your verse, but feel free to drop an f-bomb here or there if necessary! :)

Snowcatcher said...

Oh, won't you please send some of your gray my way, and I'll take some flowers too. :) You have turned a gray day into a great rainbow with your words and photos!

Soham Ghosh said...

Very nice poems as well as splendid photography. One of the best blogs I have seen.