Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tilly's Final Chapter...

...I think.
Dear Tilly, I believe
that you are about to leave us.
Reduced to a pitiful puddle,
it may be time to say,
"Farewell, you amazing rosy orb."

Your youthful blush has faded.
I am sad to report that your Bloom is quite gone.
Speed on Little Giant of Hope
and Amazingness.
Sometimes if we are lucky,
it is the small and unexpected surprises
from Mother Nature that give us such pleasure
and a sense of wonder.
Little Atilly the Hun.
You've been grand and fun.
best, e.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Perhaps she'll bear some children to help you keep her in remembrance. :)

Susan T said...

Shame, although she was worrying me a bit.

jackie said...

but it looks like tilly has given you her children sprouts to look after, and that her flesh will continue to nurture the young ones. does that make the sprouts cannibals? maybe you should worry about them......
if i don't hear from you for a week or two i will notify the authorities. ;)

Ginnie said...

Oh, my, your words are poetry! Who else could create a saga from such an event? Can't wait for whatever might be next.

Ginnie said...

I love your new heading Ellen. Did you take the pictures?
You are so clever. I would never have thought to wax poetic over that. !!