Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Title...

I was too late...and out too long.

Is he not beautiful?
All I can think about is the title;
Death Comes For the Archbishop.
Of course he is not an Archbishop
and he does not live in New Mexico.
But, I did find him.
I can call him a him
and celebrate his short life.
I can appreciate his loveliness
while thanking him for not nestling in my wool.
And, he is my Archbishop for right now.

best, e.


Susan T said...

He has his beautiful robes, he could be Archbishop for a day. Indeed he makes you ponder on nature and makes you think of the wonder of all things. I think he fulfills his role perfectly.

jackie said...

I'm always mesmerized by their velvet fur/powder??? whatever it is!

Annie Cholewa said...

What Susan said!

Jackie, the powder is actually tiny scales. Moths (and butterflies), belong to the order Lepidoptera, which means 'scale wing'.

Mrs. Micawber said...

He is indeed gorgeously attired.

I never like to pick up dead moths from the windowsill - they look so sad and lovely there in the light that it seems a shame to move them. (If you leave them long enough the sun bleaches them to a snowy white. Yes, I'm a slacker of a housekeeper.)

Ginnie said...

He is beautiful. He has a cozy sort of look about him, although I have to say if he were flying, I'd be whimpering and flapping at him to get him to go back outside.