Saturday, June 2, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Anonymous,
I am deeply sorry that you believe that I would have
intentionally and violently
killed the dog who killed my chickens.
I did write that I wished I had had
a very large baseball bat.
Would I have used it on the dog?
Would I have yelled and beat the ground with the bat?
Was I angry at the dog?

Violence, cruelty and intentional retribution
make me physically ill...
especially when it is directed towards
other living creatures.

Some people might find it amusing
to watch me picking worms up off the gravel
and putting them back in the damp earth,
or trying to catch spiders in the house
to let them loose outside. 

Is there anything I don't mind hitting and hurting?

Am I a saint?
Good grief, No.

Do I ever want to strike out?
Do I act on that anger?

I know that you will probably never read this,
but if anyone else does,
who interpreted my words as you did,
perhaps this will make things clearer.

It certainly is a reminder to me
to be more thoughtful in how my words
come together here,
and in how I interpret the words
of others.
That is a good lesson for me
and I thank you....
truly, I do.
I wish you well.


Mona said...

Dear Ellen, if one read what you write, one would also know that you're an immensely kind person that could harm nobody! I'm sorry you've had a unsettling comment (or maybe that was too strong a word?). Sometimes I read comments that seems to be purposefully misinterpreting and unpleasant - at the best. But they may not be that - I guess some people have difficulty reading between the lines - maybe it's a certain lack of humor and emphaty. I don't know. But it's a fact that there're often misunderstandings and tiresome never-ending arguments on the web. I think your reaction is honorable and kind. We should indeed strive to be better at expressing ourselves clearly (as well honestely, elaborate and beautifully) but we should also be better at reading and interpreting with a positive mind. I myself are still striving, of course, since my english is obviously still a bit rough. But I'm certainly practicing :) Wish you a lovely sunday!

Ginnie said...

Whoa, Ellen. I can't believe someone would leave a comment like that. I agree with Mona - anyone who reads even one of your posts should get the gentleness of your soul. So sorry this happened, but you are right that we have to be careful what we say in writing: without the face to face or voice to voice that gives nuance to words, people can misunderstand. Even face to face that happens, unfortunately! Now I see why the "Sod Today" sign meant something to you! Hope it provided a little bit of a laugh. xxoo

jackie said...

Hello Ellen,
I'm so sorry someone misinterpreted your motives...i've only known you as someone who is kind and gentle with all of God's creatures. I still remember your relationship with the bathroom spider.
It would be understandable to be angry about a dog killing your chickens and possible irresponsible owners. But violence towards the dog itself - i know you wouldn't be capable of that.
I hope the incident is behind you now.

Ginnie said...

I'm a little confused. I get the gist of your entry but did you write about the incident somewhere and I missed it?
Having known you for a long time, if only through cyberspace, I am sure that you are a gentle and loving person. I can't imagine that "anonymous" would think otherwise.

trish said...

As my father would say... "there is note so queer as folk" ( in a strange Lincolnshire accent... I wish you could hear me saying it for you would laugh )
You are a kind and lovely person for sure.
Much love to you.