Thursday, June 28, 2012


....Small Acorn Pouch....
I made a little pouch
for Mother Nature's seasonal creations.
It is hanging in my
little craft room,
sewing room, 
junk room,
jam everything in there
because company is coming room.

It was hard to photograph,
as on the best of days
the light is limited.
But, the possibilities are endless.
Perhaps some lavender and rosemary
later on,
and in winter sprigs of fir and holly,
and always the humble dried weeds.
Her gifts are endless
and there will always be
Her magical reminders of each season.

Happy weekend, everyone.
best, e.


Babs, Jo, John said...

A lovely idea and you get to enjoy it in your own room,
it's a good way to give yourself a treat to enjoy all to
yourself. OK I have to have a tidy too where does
all the stuff come from? Babs

Susan T said...

It looks like a tiny wee sporran, full of natures bounty. We have a room like that have yet to tackle it.

Mona said...

Such a sweet idea! We bring a lot of things in all the time, stones, shells, feathers, leaves, flowers - and some dead bugs and skulls from various rodents too ... I love it when my little boy proudly gives me carcasses (well, and flowers too) :)

jackie said...

a vessel for collecting beauty! i love it! it's absolutely lovely by itself, but seems perfectly made for holding the treasures you find along your journey!

Ginnie said...

An "acorn pouch" ... what a sweet idea and I love the way you've filled it. You are always good for a surprise, Ellen !

Mrs. Micawber said...

It's beautiful, and perfect with that lovely wallpaper behind it.

Have a nice weekend!

Ginnie said...

This is the 'other' Ginnie weighing in: Love the little pouch and its intended purpose! What a cool idea. It reminds me of something G's older daughter did with her kids; she called it a seasons table, and would display different things they found on walks. I hadn't heard of something like that before, and yet here it is again, with a special twist. Looking forward to updates when you change the contents, Ellen.