Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer's Lease

Summer's lease
is almost up.
A few more weeks
and she'll be gone.
Right now
greens are still here
but mixed with
oatmeal, linen
and taffy browns.
Fluff fades
and is carried
on the winds.

Then, there are
her eiderdowns
she is gently
laying down.
Or, perhaps
they are fairy

They are all
over the place
and so magical.
Some were three feet long,
and as wide. 
Soon Summer will
give in to 
my favorite season.
Wishing all a good week.
best, e.


Babs, Jo, John said...

Love this blog, we have the same feeling here,lots of
tomatoes ripening really fast a lot cooler with plenty
or rain,but, the feeling of Autumn is getting closer,it's
in the air somehow. Farmers markets are popping up
everywhere with all the lovely colours of fresh veg
and delicious peaches very yummy.
We shall be able to enjoy this new season, and take
our time. Your thoughts have worked for me and
treatment complete other than follow ups! much
gratitude enjoy your colourful fall Babs and John

Annie Cholewa said...

Isn't autumn just the best time of year! And fairy trampolines ... you should meet Jones the Milk (see my Magic Beans post on the blog the other day), you guys would get on!

Glorious images as always Ellen x

Ginnie said...
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Ginnie said...

Hi Ellen..I could just envision the fairies bouncing gently on the trampolines. What a wonderful eye you have for nature and your words make it twice as lovely.

(I removed the first entry since it came through all garbled)